Redshirt Rescue

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About the Saga

A lowly soldier stumbles into Malcanthet's Den looking for Blackrazors to save his friends; who happen to be Redshirts.


Cast of Characters

What Has Come Before

It’s the dawn of 593. The War for the Pomarj has boiled down to minor confrontations as the various factions secure their final positions. Obsidian Bay is still rebuilding after the destruction caused by the Wave of Dagon. However, overall the city has returned to a more “normal” state. In the wake of all this, Moraim comes home to check on his temple to Ulaa.

The Saga

Coldeven 21, CY 593

=Return to Obsidian Bay

Moraim returns to Obsidian Bay to check on his temple to Ulaa after the results of flooding from the Wave of Dagon. As he approaches the Warf District he begins to see signs of the water. Interestingly enough, it seems Irontown has erected new walls and dikes to hold the water at bay around their district. They’ve even pumped all the water out leaving it the only dry area in the affected zone. Finally, he arrives at his temple to find it in shambles. The basement is still filled with sea-water. He looks around for the gnome he left in charge, but he’s no-where to be found. After asking around a bit it seems the gnome hasn’t been seen in months. He left for an adventure with other like minded individuals. The entire group was never heard from again.

Annoyed and frustrated, Moraim decides he needs a drink. Knowing some of the senior Blackrazors have invested in a bar in the Adventurer's District, which is about as far away from the water as you can get in the city, he decides to head there. When he arrives he’s greeted by Rex and Ian who give him a drink at the Blackrazor rate. They catch up for a while before being rudely interrupted.

A halfling is at the door arguing with Rex over entrance to the den. At a glance the halfling is well equipped for either adventure or war. He’s wearing the colors of both the city and of an orcslayer. He’s also rather dirty, as though he’s just back from the field. After a few minutes of arguing Ian finally has enough and tells Rex to let the halfling in. Ian passes him a water and asks what the trouble is.

The halfling says his name is Terell Farpad (rouge 7) and he is seeking out Blackrazors. He heard that some of the senior members own the Den, and they are often found here. Ian says you found some Blackrazors. With that the halfling lights up and says he and his companions, four in total, three of whom are Blackrazor Redshirts, are a part of the Obsidian Bay Expeditionary Force. They were all out on a mission when they were captured by orcs. Terell was able to escape, and he’s run back to town to get help. Ian inquires why he doesn’t get some help from the military. The halfling states that this mission wasn’t exactly sanctioned, and therefore they won’t help.

Ian smells that he’s not getting the full story. He presses the halfling, who caves rather easily. He states that he’s part of the intelligence division. He saw a report come through that Lord General Tänévir Calywyn was looking for any remaining members of the Army of the Trembling Fist. One of the halflings companions was on a scouting mission that found some of these remnants at an old fortress. The group thought they could gain some quick recognition by capturing one for the Lord. They failed and were taken capture.

Ian asks a few things about the the fortress and the forces within. Terell tells them it’s a runed fortress just past Obsidian Bay held land. It’s a sort of meeting place for humanoids in the area, and he’s seen roughly 100 orcs there. Ian and Rex finally decide they could use the entertainment, and are always up for slaying orcs. Moraim agreed, and decided to join them. Ian tells the halfling he’ll be coming too, and leading the way to the fortress. The halfling says of course, it’s only a few hours away. He’ll even lead them to the backdoor he escaped through.

Overland to the Outpost

The party makes their way overland without much trouble. They survey the fortress, and then the back entrance. Terell comments that they’ve re-enforced it since he escaped. There are now six orogs and two cyclops guarding it.

They make a quick plan, boiling down to Ian sneaking in invisibly. Moraim and Rex cause the distraction by attacking from range, then close in for melee combat. Ian surprises the apparent leader with a brutal strike. It takes a few moments, especially with the tough cyclops, but the party comes through victorious. Rex is pretty well hurt, so Moraim heals the party and they take a brief rest.

A Rescue and a Showdown

After catching their breath, the party starts to sneak into the sub-caverns of the fortress. They sneak through the caverns, silently killing any humanoids they come across.


11,683 each


16,808 gp 1,989 pp 1 Alexandrite (500 gp) 2 Aquamarine (500 gp) 1 Black pearl (500 gp) 1 Blue spinel (500 gp) 3 Peridot (500 gp) 2 Topaz (500 gp) Potion of fire giant strength Potion of superior healing Potion of gaseous form Scroll of Protection Deception of Gromn - Mace, Vicious Weapon The construction of this mace has extra blades built into the head, clearly designed to cause maximum damage. Upon Moraim picking it up, the mace morphs into one made of stone, with the brightest gemstones built into the design. It becomes a sight to behold, almost as if Ulaa herself created the weapon. Flaw: Hungry - needs humanoid blood applied to it within the past 24 hours or the extra damage does not apply.

This mace was created for an Orcish overlord named Gromn. Gromn forced some of his human slaves to create weapons for him and his lieutenants. When the weapons were not deemed suitable Gromn, he would slay the head blacksmith. To appease the overlord and save the lives of his fellow prisoners, a mage helped to imbue a mace already rejected with an illusion. The illusion caused the mace to change per the desires of Gromn and appeared to all to be his most ideal weapon. This satiated Gromn… at least for the next few weeks until he was killed by adventurers who came to free the slaves.