The Last Trembling Fist

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About the Saga

The Orcish Empire general who tunnelled to Waterton during the War for the Pomarj escaped the battle. Since then Lord Tenevir Calwin has had agents searching for him. He’s finally been found, and it’s up to a small strike force to take bring him to justice.


Cast of Characters

What Has Come Before

The Second Battle of Waterton occurred on Wealsun 16, CY 592. It was the first act in a plan to invade the Free City of Obsidian Bay. It was also the first offensive in the War for the Pomarj. It was also significant as it saw the fall of Turrosh Mak: the Despot, Slaver, and Lord of the Orcish Empire. at the hands of a small strikeforce formed by Lord Tenevir Calwin. In the months following the defeat of Mak, his armies were routed and fell back to the Drachengrabs. Eventually they rallied, and the war continued.

Throughout the war, one of the crucial pieces of of the Second Battle of Waterton has yet to resurface: The Army of the Trembling Fist. Not only were they the ones who tunneled to Waterton, it is also rumored that they found the key that released the Horror of Stonheim.

Most of the army was lost during Second Battle of Waterton. It’s leader General Golzak Stonefist,

One army has yet to be seen is the remnants of the Army of the Trembling Fist. Lord Tenevir Calwin has task one of his most trusted servants, Tarien Astaril, with locating the remnants and destroying them. He’d also like him to destroy any means of an army re-surfacing near Obsidian Bay.

The Saga

Fireseek 10, CY 593

=Approaching the fortress

Tarien arrives in Khelez-Mar and meets up with a several trusted companions of Tanevir who have answered the General’s summons. The quickest to reply were D’klar Ironforge and Moraim. Both are fellow members of the Blackrazor Guild who now reside in the dwarven community. He was also able to secure the support of two Knights of the Sword stationed at the fortress: Ingelred and Tegonwal of Phaulkon.

He gets right down to them and apprises them of the situation. Golzak Stonefist is held up in an old Dark Elf fortress only a half day from Khelez-Mar into the underdark. It’s well hidden, but Tarien and his scouts have found the way. It’s also currently lightly defended as Stonefist is only hiding and biding his time. The small strike team gathers supplies before heading into the dark.


Tarien leads the party down into the underdark. They travel through caverns, caves, and passages for about half a day. Finally they come upon an overlook where they come to a stop. Tarien explains that before them is a chasm with only a thin stone walkway to cross. Beyond that are a dozen orcs, dozen orogs, and two catapults guarding the cave entrance that leads to the fortress.

The party sets off their attack, opening up with a surprise volley of ranged attacks and magic. D’klar then sets off down the path, while Moraim casts Fly on himself to follow. The remainder of the party continues their assault from range. It’s not long before the orcs manning the catapults are all defeated. Not long after that, the orogs are also defeated leaving the path clear.

The party does a quick search for any valuables, and continues on down the path towards the fortress. As they head down the tunnel they start to notice just how cylindrical it has become. As they comment amongst themselves the tunnel starts to rumble, and suddenly a purple worm bursts through the wall. It’s a tough fight, even touch and go at times, but the party is able to defeat the worm.


The party travels to the end of the tunnel which opens up into a massive cavern. There built into the rock walls is a massive fortress. The party cautiously approaches the entrance to the front doors, but oddly enough there is no resistance. They enter, and there in the foyer is a makeshift war-room. Before them stands three wellgroomed lightly armored hobgoblins. Their light uniforms match, down to the emblems of Mak’s army, though one stands out. Obviously this is General Golzak Ironfist, and two being either bodyguards or trusted lieutenants.

Golzak makes a simple gesture, and states “I’ve been waiting. Come, let us end this.” With that the three hobgoblins start twisting and flipping with a grace only a monk can. The two other orcs stand no chance against the seasoned warriors and go down quickly. With them out of the picture the remainder of the party is able to overwhelm Golzak. In a few moments another of Mak’s generals falls.


Journals detailing: Final days trying with Warrior Monks Pressed into Mak’s army Quick elevation to a trusted lieutenant and general in Mak’s army Discovery of the Lost City of the Suloise. Discovery and some details of the magical vaults in the city. Recovery of the Devastator of Worlds Assignment of Half-dragon specialists into his forces Tunneling plan to assault Waterton

Other loot

  • 14,802 gp
  • 1,780 pp
  • 2 Carved harp made of petrified wood with ivory inlay and zircon gems (750 gp each)
  • Obsidian statuette of Lolth with gold fittings and inlay (750 gp)
  • Silver and gold brooch (750 gp)
  • Silver-plated steel longsword with jet set in hilt (750 gp)
  • Horn of Valhalla (bronze)
  • Ring of Telekinesis
  • Rod of Absorption (5/50)
  • Ice Pick of Yuthar (Staff of Frost): larger than a normal staff, created by giants for smaller allies for some prophecy, Harmonious attunement (only 1 minute), flaw - loud cracking noises can be heard when staff is used. On a natural roll of 20 opponent is frozen (paralyzed); DC 14 save vs. strength.

Legend says that the Frost Giant Mage Yuthar shattered part of his staff to create several Ice Pick’s for his allies. They were named by his clan due to their small size. He shattered his own staff after having a vision of killing a mighty dragon with a shattered version of his staff. Yuthar died knowing that he may have still set this vision in motion.


  • 9,260 xp each