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A stalwart priest of the dwarven god of war, D'klar is driven by dream to see the Pomarj cleansed of the humanoid menace.


D'klar was born and raised in the Principality of the Ulek, the youngest son of a dwarven clan.

While his older siblings worked in the mines and tended his family's rocky holdings, D'klar was consumed with a vision by the dwarven god of war to drive evil from the face -- and depths -- of Oerth.

In CY 587, D'klar arrived in the Free City of Obsidian Bay looking for ways to further this crusade. Despite its reputation for chaos, D'klar was drawn to the Blackrazor Guild for its steadfastness in opposing the humanoids of The Pomarj.

In the years since joining, he has seen Obsidian Bay fall to invaders, fought countless orcs and their kin during the War of Exile and seen the city liberated again. He's also proud of his -- and the Blackrazors' -- track record in the faraway Grand Duchy of Geoff, where the guild has single-handedly fought back the giant invasion.

He has also formed close friendships with two of the guild's other dwarves, Luc and Moraim, as well as a human terramancer named Sven Kildare. He has also re-established contact with his Ulek kin, who have returned to the Pomarj in small numbers to liberate a fallen ancient dwarven strong hold of Khelez-Mar in the Drachensgrabs.

With war in Geoff winding down, he looked forward to returning to Obsidian Bay to continue working with his dwarven kin, and to resume the war against the humanoids.

Unfortunately, he left the Blackrazor Guild as well. Two of his closest friends, Luc and Sven, have already left, and with the dwarven stronghold re-opening, there was little reason for him to remain in the guild. Still, he will always think of the Blackrazor Guild with fondness.


  • Blackrazor Guild: Obsidian Bay's premiere guild for chaos, accidental destruction, and inadvertant heroism.


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