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Wandering Apprentice

Vaser was raised as the adopted son of Velas, one of Keoland's powerful Royal Magi. He has only vague memories of his life before Velas, and knows nothing about his original homeland of Ket. Velas was -- and still is -- a powerful and respected summoner in the court of Keoland. He passed many of his strange habits and odd mannerisms onto his son, including his bizarre manner of speaking in the third person and his love of conjuration magic, particularly its summoning element. Vaser stands approximately 5'4", and weighs around 140 pounds -- because of this slight frame and his general oddness, he was often tormented by other children growing up, and he spent much of his time hiding and playing with his summoned companions.

When the time the young mage turned 24, his master decided that he needed to see the world and turned Vaser out into it. Vaser grudgingly accepted, hating the necessity to interact with the world, but knowing that by doing so he could greatly increase his power and abilities. He wandered the borderlands of Keoland for two years, adventuring with a few different parties which universally treated him with disrespect and disdain. Summoners were rare, and rare for a reason -- their powers were very weak. His inability to contribute greatly to battles, combined with his bizarre habits, forced him to drift away from most of these parties.

He spent another year wandering through the lands of Ket, Gran March and the Uleks with only his black cat familiar Nightfall and his summoned beasts for companionship.

Then he decided to make his way to the Domain of Greyhawk. The decision changed his life.

Enter the Blackrazor Guild

While stopping in Hardby, he heard overheard Yosh, the bartender and owner of the Cracked Skull Inn, discussing an upstart band of chaotic adventurers known as the Blackrazors.

Curious, Vaser sheepishly approached the barkeep and asked for more information about the Blackrazors. What he heard intrigued him -- they had been kicked out of the city of Greyhawk, their guildmaster had been executed for murdering two guards, they were considered cursed heroes on the Pomarj, their tactics ranged from chaotic to insanely chaotic, and they maintained a small fortification on the outskirts of the Domain of Greyhawk, near Klaston.

Vaser decided then and there to join the Blackrazor Guild. And surprisingly enough, they decided to allow him to join.

Within days he was adventuring with them in the Tower of Zagig within the ruins of Castle Greyhawk and reveling in the sudden companionship. But even more impressive than the fact that the guild had accepted him, was the fact that he wasn't its most bizarre member! Chaotic, strange and just plain wrong behavior was not unexpected in this guild -- in fact, it almost appeared to be welcomed. Chaos seemed to be at the very heart of the guild's success!

Vaser had found a new home. Here were companions who might, just might, accept him for who he was. Here too were powerful mages who could help him advance in the Art (even if none of them followed the true magic of summoning). And there was even another person who spoke in the third person -- the barbarian Ragnar Blackmane!

Here, after years of searching, was finally a place he could call home.

Vaser has committed himself to becoming one of Oerth's greatest summoners, and will do almost anything to acquire more and more powerful summoning magic. He treats his summoned creatures well, viewing them as short-term friends, albiet friends who will fight and die for him in battle. While Vaser greatly respects his master, Velas, he has little desire to return home to Keoland. Instead, he hopes to raise a tower somewhere on the Pomarj, where his ever-greater researches into the path of summoning can continue uninterrupted.


  • Blackrazor Guild: Obsidian Bay's premiere guild for chaos, accidental destruction, and inadvertant heroism.
  • Wizards Guild, Obsidian Bay: The Guild of Wizardry is an elite group of magi who take their roles as guardians of the Art very seriously.


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