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The Guild of Wizardry is an elite group of magi who take their roles as guardians of the Art very seriously. The exact number of mages owing alligence to the guild is unknown, although some estimate it between 50 and 100 members. Membership in the guild is not mandatory to practice magic in the city, but membership does have its priviledges; namely access to the guild's impressive library of magical and mundane tomes.

Entry into the guild is difficult and by no means guarrenteed. Would be members are expected to have accrued a significant reputation before attempting to join, and no mage below 5th level has ever been allowed into its hallow halls. Young mages who show promise are usually apprenticed to an older mage and allowed to learn certain select spells from the guild -- but they are expected to have their reputations firmly in place by the time they reach the 5th level of ability.

The guild maintains close ties with the city's preeminent magical power -- the Obsidian Tower. Only the guild's most powerful members are allowed to join the Tower, and even those are expected to pass a series of grueling psychological and physical tests.

The current guildmaster is the invoker Corwin Aldroc (Wizard (Invoker) 13).


The Guild of Wizardry has high standards for its initiates, standards that exist in no small party because of the guild's long association with the Obsidian Tower. Adrick Starcloak (Wiz 8/Loremaster 2), Master of Apprentices for the Guild of Wizardry. He is a crotchety, bitter old man who looks with scorn on any one who seeks admission to the Guild of Wizardry. This is not because of a hatred of the guild, but because of his own high, rarely-met standards.

Starcloak is brutally strict and fair in his testing, and as a result, those failing even one test, by even the slightest of margins, will not be allowed to join the guild. Those who fail are allowed to retake the test in one month. Admission to the Guild of Wizardry demands a combination of knowledge and skill. To a certain extent, the guild's requirements are guided by the interests of the Obsidian Tower. The Tower has dedicated itself to defending Oerth from extraplaner threats, and as such, Guild prospects are expected to speak an extraplaner language. In addition, while knowledge of the planes is not an admission requirement, those who have such knowledge find themselves favored by the guild.


Initiates must meet the following requirements:

  • Ability to speak an extraplaner language.
  • Ability to cast zero-level arcane spells.
  • Four ranks in both of the following: Spellcraft, Knowledge (Arcane)
  • Two ranks in one of the following: Knowledge (religion), Knowledge (planes), Craft (Alchemy)


  • Test of Concentration: Must be able to successfully cast a cantrip after taking a point of damage.
  • Test of Knowledge: Answer three of five questions correctly. Here are examples of questions that can be asked:
    • Name all the Suel gods (DC 14 Religion)
    • Name twelve layers of the Abyss (DC 14 Knowledge (Planes))
    • Craft a vial of Acid (DC 15)
    • Identify the components of a first-level spell (DC 11 Spellcraft)
    • Name three archmages (DC 14 Knowledge (arcane))


  • Corwin Aldroc, Guildmaster of the Guild of Wizardry: The fiery, but competent, leader of the Guild of Wizardry.
  • Conzell, Guild Steward: The overworked, long-suffering steward of the Guild of Wizardry, who takes great pleasure in turning away would-be apprentices.
  • Saheed Darksteel: A powerful, if often solitary, member of the Obsidian Bay Guild of Wizardry specializing in shadowmancy.
  • George Fillerman, the Blackrazor Guild's resident scribe and researcher.
  • Belgold Pegason: Belgold is an aristocratic mage who's taken an exceptional interest in sources of power beyond the arcane and divine.
  • Adrick Starcloak, Master of Apprentices for the Guild of Wizardry.
  • Vargas: Vargas of Ralsand, House Garasteth is an aristocrat, swordsman and apprentice of the Shadow arts.
  • Vasar: Vasar is the Blackrazor Guild's most powerful summoner. He's also it's only one.


  • Wizards Guild Campus, Obsidian Bay: The large campus of the Guild of Wizardry incorporates a large pentagonal building as well as several smaller outlying buildings given over to classrooms, laboratories, an residences.


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