Bonebreaker Dras

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The second-in-command of the Ralleymen Guild.


Bonebreaker Dras -- second in command of the Ralleyman Guild -- has a well-deserved reputation as a brutal fighter capable of killing men with a single hit from his cold iron mace.

He's also known for leading the Ralleymen on drunken binges throughout Obsidian Bay's Wharf District, and has spent more than a few weeks cooling down in the city's prison.

Several years as a gladiator in Greyhawk have taught him a thing or two about the art of war, and he shows a surprising, almost instinctual, grasp of tactics.


  • Ralleymen Guild: The members of the Ralleymen Guild aren't the brightest adventurers in Obsidian Bay. They do not have the best tactical skills, they have no financial plans to speak of, and their long range goal can be summed up as 'kill stuff, get gold, buy beer.'
  • Kongregation of Kord: The god of Athletics, Sport and Brawling has a strong presence in Obsidian Bay, which is so profoundly known for its adventurer's guilds. Games of strength and ability are held almost nightly at this temple.


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