Gabriel Longriver

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The hereditary Lord Mayor of Obsidian Bay and the grandson of city founder Samuel "Battleaxe" Longriver.


Gabriel is a proud and just mayor who is who wants to see his city safe and protected. Although he was not an expansionist by nature, the War of Exile has led him to believe that the only true way to secure Obsidian Bay is to drive back the humanoid menace, and to establish a proper domain.

Following his grandfather and father's example, he spent years adventuring and exploring the world with the Griffins Guild before taking on the role of Lord Mayor in CY 578. He is generally regarded as a good, if cautious ruler. He has surrounded himself with a very capable and skilled staff.

His younger brother is Garren Longriver, the leader of the Band of Pholtus adventuring guild. The two rarely see eye to eye, as Garren is obsessed with waging an unending war against the evil humanoids, while Gabriel has tried to broker peace whenever possible.



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