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CY 200

CY 295: An alliance between the prince of Ulek and King Tavish I of Keoland sends an invasion force into the Pomarj and conquers the region. The land is carved into a dozen small baronies and awarded to favored families of the crown to be ruled as subfiefs under the protection of the prince of Ulek. Amazing material wealth begins to flow from the newly-founded realm. [1]

CY 300

CY 305: Highport was constructed atop the foundations of a smaller town exporting the wealth of the Pomarj to the world. [1]

CY 395: Khelez-Mar is destroyed and looted by a greedy necromancer and his humanoid army. With no survivors, it quickly falls into legend and myth. [2]

CY 400

CY 461: The Principality of Ulek withdraws from the Kingdom of Keoland. Takes the Pomarj with him.

CY 463: The Barons of the Pomarj declare their independence from Ulek. Most self appoint themselves with larger titles.

CY 498-510: Allies in the states of Celene, the Uleks, the Kron Hills and Veluna drive the humanoids from the Lortmils. These actions would come to be known as the Hateful Wars. [3]

CY 500

CY 510: Forced out of their mountian lairs in the Lortmils, the humanoids invade and conquer the Pomarj. [3]

Coldeven 27, CY 513: Town of Obsidian Bay founded on the Pomarj by the Griffins Guild. The first Lord Mayor was Samuel "Battle Axe" Longriver. [4]

Sunsebb, CY 513: The Obsidian Maze is discovered. [4]

CY 560

CY 560: The Little Wars lead by the Invincibles Guild, see various advances against the humaoid tribes of the Pomarj. The Citizens Guard is founded from these actions. [4]

Good-month 11, CY 562: Blue becomes a free city after being liberated from humanoids by Obsidian Bay forces. It is ruled by a Baron and his advising council of Sea Captains. The city becomes a haven for pirates and other scum, but Obsidian Bay is preoccupied with defending its own borders, and can not spare a permanent military presence in the city. [4]

CY 570

CY 570-579: The Slave Lords rise to power in the central Pomarj. In CY 579, they are defeated by the Invincibles Guild of Obsidian Bay. [5]

CY 580

CY 583: Greyhawk Wars begin. Turrosh Mak launches major offensive to destroy Obsidian Bay, but the city's heroic defenders break his attack at the epic Battle of Waterton Meadows. [4]

CY 584: Uneasy peace reigns on the Pomarj, but no formal truce is signed between Obsidian Bay and the Orcish Empire. [4]

CY 587: The Army of Burning Glory, led by the arch-pyromancer Weri, leaves Highport to invade Blue. It is met at the Battle of Blue by the Obsidian Bay Expeditionary Force under the command of Field General Stefan Warrick. The battle -- which saw representatives from the Orcslayers, Ralleymen and Blackrazor Guilds fight valiantly -- ended in a draw. The archmage was slain by the Blackrazors in one of the minor engagements leading up to the main battle. [4]

Good-month CY 587: A conspiracy between the Dark Circle (led by members of the disbanded Professionals Guild), the Orcish Empire, and the Scarlet Brotherhood succeeds in infiltrating Obsidian Bay and paralyzing its defenses. The city is falls, and the government and much of its citizens flee to neighboring Blue. [4]

The Blackrazor Guild unwittingly free Seven Sueluoise Archmages who'd been trapped in the Twisted Forest for centuries. These mages assault Obsidian Bay during its fall, and force the legendary Obsidian Tower to teleport itself to a safer -- and unknown -- locale. [4]

Coldeven CY 588: Led by Kalib Ironfist, the Blackrazor Guild succeeds in finding and awakening the sleeping hero-god Krovis, who prophesy said would raise again to aid the forces of good when they were about to be overwhelmed by evil. He joins Obsidian Bay's leaders in Blue, and overseas a war plan that reclaims much of the eastern Pomarj from the humanoid hordes. [4]

Reaping CY 588: A planar portal leading to the Abyss opens in Obsidian Bay, allowing demonic hordes -- led by the infamous Blood Lord of the Plains of Chaos -- to invade the city. This drives all of the humanoids from the city, as well as the few citizens who'd been trapped during the city's initial fall. The portal is located in the Blackrazor Guildhall basement. [4]

Summer CY 588: An army lead by Krovis begins marking toward Obsidian Bay. Meanwhile, teams of adventurers from the Blackrazor Guild, Starfire Guild and Demonbane Guild (later discovered to be a cover identity for the Knights of the Iron Nation) are sent to the Plains of Chaos on a mission to destroy the Abyssal portal located there. The portal, an integral part of the Blood Lord's awful citadel known as the Cyst, is destroyed by the Blackrazors. At the moment of the portal's destruction, the demons are banished from Obsidian Bay, and the city lies open, ready to be retaken. [4]

Summer CY 588: Obsidian Bay's Army of Liberation destroys the disorganized humanoid forces that had taken refuge in the plains surrounding their home city, and quickly moves to re-occupy it. The city's rightful government returns, as does much of its exiled population. The War of Exile is concluded. [4]

Fall CY 588: During the newly created Festival of Liberation, the Lord Mayor announces the formation of the Domain of Obsidian Bay a realm stretching north from the city to the Drachensgrabs and east to Blue. A state of unyielding, perpetual war against the Orcish Empire is declared. Free land is offered to any citizen who can hold a piece of Pomarjian real estate for five years. [4]

Winter CY 588-589: The Army of Obsidian Bay -- as well as the three Knightly Orders of Obsidian Bay -- successfully fends off attack after attack by humanoid tribes. Realizing that his forces are being wasted battering the Free City, Mak apparently orders his forces to draw back from the border. [4]

Summer CY 589: Hextorites re-occupy the Hell's Reach Fortress and raiding caravan traffic between Blue and Obsidian Bay, The Blackrazors smash the outpost before it could grow too powerful and succeed in its attempt to summon a fiendish ally. [4]

Fall CY 589: Construction begins on Obsidian Bay's Outer Wall. Work also begins on new Army barracks and a military academy. [4]

CY 590

CY 590: A new breed of orcish raider appears. Experienced, trained in the art of war, and wielding not-insignificant magic, these attackers succeed smashing several border settlements before being turned back by the combined efforts of the Knights of the Sword and Knights of the Fist. Similar border skirmishes continue throughout the year, with the Knights of the Fist, the Orcslayers, and the more radical of Obsidian Bay's guilds launching numerous forays against the Orcish Empire. [4]

Summer CY 590: News reaches Obsidian Bay of a new force amassing a humanoid force northwest of Highport. A battle group of Blackrazors, Orcslayers and Rallymen attack the humanoids, which have massed around a large fortress. Street rumors speculate that this may be another Hextorite outpost. [4]

Readyreat 26, CY 590: A contingent of Blackrazors runs into a group of Dwarves attempting to free the long forgotten fortress of Khelez-Mar. They assist in it's recovery, and over the next few months the fortress is re-established and resettled with many dwarves and gnomes from Irontown. [6]

Sunsebb CY 590: Kala -- one of seven Suel archmages freed from the Twisted Forest -- is slain by the Blackrazor Guild in the Horns of Medusa beneath Obsidian Bay. [4]

Planting CY 591: The Outer Wall of Obsidian Bay is finished and two new districts, the Shield District and the Adventurers Quarter, are christened by the Lord Mayor. [4]

Flocktime CY 591: Freesword Draft Act is passed. Though unpopular with many in the Domain, did gain it 200 more swords to assist in the war effort. [7]

Wealsun CY 591: The allied forces of Obsidian Bay, the Principality of Ulek and the Kingdom of Keoland launched an offensive on the Orcish Empire of Turrosh Mak’s western front. Their intention was to drive the Despot’s forces from the occupied lands of the Principality, forcing them back across the Jewel River. [8]

Fall CY 591: Reports say that Orc Harbor has fallen to Allied forces and that Fort Buckhold -- a fortress on the western edge of the occupied land – has been taken. [7]

Winter/Spring CY 592: Field General Tänévir Calywyn continued his winning strategy of dispatching “special forces” of adventuring guild heroes – including Blackrazors, Orcslayers and Ralleymen -- into the occupied towns and cities of the Principality to gather information and to sabotage military targets. The strategy worked.Appledown, Bridgeford, Goldmine, Grimfire, Madlond, Thunderstrike; Month after month these and other towns were freed from their orcish overlords. [8]

Flocktime 26 CY 592: A pillar of fire erupts from the Ruins of Hextorite Shrine and the Invincibles Guild can't enter. Several of the the Blackrazors end up saving the city. [9]

Wealsun 5 CY 592: Standkeep Castle on the eastern side of the Jewel River has just fallen to the Obsidian Bay Expeditionary Force, and the Army of Vengeful Wrath has fled back into the Pomarj. [8]

Wealsun 16 CY 592: Turrosh Mak unleashes the Horror at Stoneheim, destroying Stoneheim in the process. Turrosh Mak is later killed during the Second Battle of Waterton by the Blackrazor Guild. Waterton is mostly in ruins, but safe. [8]

Patchwall CY 592: A tidal wave brought on by a follower of Dagon smashes into the city. The Docks are underwater, and much of the Strange Quarter and Wharf District are flooded. [10]


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