Elgweine Tsloff

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The stern, arrogant Head Librarian of the Obsidian Bay Library.


Elgweine Tsloff is a stern, arrogant woman who rules the Library of Obsidian Bay like a queen, using a stout iron-headed cudgel to crack the heads of any who dares disturb the building’s sacred quiet.

She's also the ranking priest of Delleb in the city, and presides over the church's weekly services in the Library.

The woman is about 50 years old, and rail-thin with paper-white skin from having spent so much time pouring over books. She keeps her grey hair up in a tight bun, and wears simple yet expensive robes and jewelry while going about her tasks in the Library.

She is much sought after by nobles who respect her surpreme knowledge of Obsidian Bay, both that earned through reading books, and discovered through divination magic.

Elgweine has managed to turn this respect into coin, gathering a number of powerful and wealthy patrons to support the Library (and thus, the church).


  • Library of Obsidian Bay: Humble by the standards of many of the Great Libraries of the Flanaess, the Library of Obsidian Bay is nonetheless a respected institution within its own borders.


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