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Once a human adventurer, Eli had an unfortunate encounter with an angry mage and a wand of polymorphing.


Eli has attempted to make the best of his situation, "hey I may not get the chicks, but no-one messes with a troll, and I can always pull my arm off as a party trick" Eli is currently employed at the Blackened Stump as Head Bouncer. He is also a member of the Strongarm Guild in good standing.


  • Blackened Stump: The Blackened Stump is perhaps the most notorious bar in Obsidian Bay. Sporting it's namesake stump as center table, the bar caters to the more disreputable of OB.
  • Strongarm Guild: The Strongarm Guild is an association specializing in tasks where shear brute strength and size are important with little thinking involved.


  • No statblock is available for this character

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