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Unaffectionately known within the Blakrazor guild as Scrappy, he is an accomplished thief held back only by his hideous luck.


Gaiseric was born in the City of Greyhawk in 560, son to a family of leather tanners. The family home, situated in the River Quarter, was a modest 3 story house, the workshop and tannery situated on the 1st floor. However, tragety struck in 574 when the entire family was brutally murdered by an evil cult who used dark magic and ritual in their unholy rites.

Hiding on a roofbeam that lay in darkness, and using the skills taught to him by his less "reputable" friends, Gaiseric escaped the cultists attention but witnessed the entire event. Emotionally scarred, he took to a life of petty burglaring to survive. He managed to escape the attentions of the Thieves Guild for a few years until he was finally "caught" in the act by several other high ranking thieves engaged in the same robbery. Since then he had been a willing member of the guild, although occasionally chafing against its leadership and organization, branding him a sort of maverick that gains--and erodes--friendships amongst the Greyhawk underworld.

However, all of that changed during a little publicized event involving the Blackrazor guild. He rarely mentions it, but when pressed he reveals that he was forced to choose between the loyalties to the Guild and to the Blackrazors. Not wishing to betray his new friends and far more afraid of their skills in arson than the Thieves Guild, he made his choice and was forever exiled from the city.

Since then he has adventured with the Blackrazors, participating in the destruction of the portal to the Abyss, where he gained the attentions of the local power, a demon known as the Blood Lord. His prisoner for some time, he was recently freed thanks the the use of a wish and after a great deal of mental rehabilitation now stands in the ranks of the Blackrazors and is a shareholder.

The thief is a quiet individual who is suspicious of all religions--whether good or evil--which he views as "cultish" thanks to his traumatic experiences. However, he does hold Kurell above all as best suiting his character (or at least desiring to invoke his favor!). At times cautious and hesitent, he occasionally displays rare instances of bravery or daring. Although generally of a good bend, Gaiseric views humanity as being petty and self-centered and thus occasionally displays a vindictive tendency.


  • Blackrazor Guild: Obsidian Bay's premiere guild for chaos, accidental destruction, and inadvertant heroism.
  • Gaiseric's Import/Export: Gaiseric's Imports/Exports supplies the city's needs for construction supplies, but rumors are that far more exotic items are available here...for a price.
  • Professionals Guild: The Guild of Professional Locksmiths and Trapfinders – more commonly known as the Professionals – is one of Obsidian Bay’s oldest guilds. It’s also one of its most infamous.



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