Gnarth Binderstone

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Gnarth is a gnome from Mogelsville who moved to the big city of Obsidian Bay after being "encouraged" to leave by his family.


Gnarth is the youngest of seven sons of Granth Binderstone, the gnomish mayor of the little mining village of Mogelsville on the Pomarj peninsula.

He's a free-spirited, easy going, joke-loving gnome with an absolutely miserable grasp of mining and engineering.

After nearly killing his several brothers after one particularly bad mining miscalculation his father "encouraged" him to leave the town and head to Obsidian Bay to pursue an adventuring career.

Once in Obsidian Bay, he joined up with the only guild that would have him (his reputation having proceeded him): The Blackrazor Guild. The guild's notorious chaos factor complimented his own sense of life perfectly, and he has been a proud and active member ever since.


  • Blackrazor Guild: Obsidian Bay's premiere guild for chaos, accidental destruction, and inadvertant heroism.


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