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Ex-soldier turned adventurer.


An ex-soldier turned adventurer who grew up on the streets of Greyhawk City and served in the Greyhawk garrison at Safeton on the Wild Coast.

He was orphaned when he was 6 after his village on the edge of the Gnarley Forest (Skorane) was attacked by Turrosh Mak's armies. He was taken to Greyhawk City as a refugee, and became a street urchin when he ran away from the orphanage he was taken to (run by the Church of Zodal).

He spent his formative years as a look-out for a street gang of similar delinquent youths while they performed burglaries and such. He was forced to enlist in Greyhawk's military when he and a few other members of their gang were arrested by the City Watch. They were given the choice of jail sentences, or military service... Heydrich was the only one who chose military service.

After his military career he became part of the local resistance against the Scarlet Brotherhood's occupation of Scant across the straight from the Pomarj. There he was recruited to conduct espionage on the forces of Orc Harbor and Stoneheim, along with several members of the Blackrazor Guild. They went in under-cover as evil mercenaries.

Heydrich's Heraldry

armorial coat: Heydrich, Heddrich or Hedrick. Field of sable and gules , a fesse argent charged with three roses or gules.

sable : Top area of shield is black, denotes constancy.

gules: Lower area of shield is red, with parallel vertical lines. Denotes military fortitude and magnanimity. It is also the color of the martyrs.

fesse : The band drawn horizontally across the center of the shield and emblazoned with three red roses. One of the nine honorable ordinaries, a charge of constant service.

argent : White or silver, signified peace and sincerity.

armor : Weapon of defense; to fortify in a moral sense.


  • No organizations associated with this character.


Feats: Dodge (PH 93) Mobility (PH 98 ) Endurance (PH 93)² Point Blank Shot (PH 98 ) Precise Shot (PH 98 ) Rapid Shot (PH 99)² Shot on the Run (PH 100) Rapid Reload (PH 99) (Crossbow, Light) Track (PH 101)² Weapon Focus (PH 102) (Crossbow, Light) Weapon Specialization (PH 102) (Crossbow, Light) Crossbow Sniper (PH2 77) Deadeye Shot (PH2 78 )