Obsidian Guard

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The Obsidian Guard

The Obsidian Guard were once a proud and prestigious military force culled from the finest members of Obsidian Bay’s citizenry. For over half a century, their sole purpose was the defense of the Obsidian Tower. The members of the Obsidian Guard were the elite defenders of the Obsidian Tower when it stood within the city of Obsidian Bay. These guards manned the walls and gates that comprised the tower compound, as well as the Obsidian Tower itself, and were responsible for the defense of that portion of the city walls as well. Many were skilled in both martial and arcane fighting, which made the Obsidian Guard a small but formidable force, counting a few Spell Swords and Eldritch Knights among their number. Members were recruited from among the best of the regular city guard (mainly those with magical aptitude), as well as those who possessed martial prowess from the Wizards Guild, Obsidian Bay.

To become a member of the Obsidian Guard was an honor, though mainly a ceremonial post for most of its history, as the Obsidian Tower was never challenged directly until the city fell to invaders in CY 588. Woefully, the Obsidian Guard were wiped out during that invasion by the Suel Archmages and the vile forces under their command. The Obsidian Guard fought valiantly and to the last man, providing the wizards of the Obsidian Tower the time needed to prepare the powerful magicks required to teleport the tower to safety. The last stand was made in the fortification atop Obsidian Point, called simply the High Watchtower, which was their headquarters. The upper levels of this tower are now in near ruin, and it has been abandoned, as has most of the old Obsidian Tower compound, and the whole area has been deemed off-limits by the city government.

Since its fall, the High Watchtower has developed a reputation as being haunted, especially among the few City Guard of Obsidian Bay who have dared explore it since the city’s liberation. The usual tale relates that the ghosts of the fallen Obsidian Guard can be seen on some nights, still standing silent vigil at their posts atop the battlements and crenellations of the walls and towers that they once guarded. Others say that intrusion into these areas at night supposedly brings upon the wrath of the apparitions. Still others say that each year on the anniversary of the city’s fall in CY 588 that the spirits can be seen enacting their last stand at the High Watchtower. At least some of these tales are at least probable, as many of the Obsidian Guard perished in violent and horrible manners through the dark powers of the Suel Archmages, and such deaths are known to sometimes bring about the creation of disembodied spirits, denied their passage to the afterlife in peace.

As a final note, a seldom heard story is that a few of the Obsidian Guard are rumored to yet remain, having been in the Obsidian Tower itself when it was transported, or else were old and in retirement during the invasion, and thus survive to this day. They are said to be secretly training a new cadre of Obsidian Guard to serve as defenders for the Obsidian Tower, wherever its current location may be. Whether this story started as something told to new recruits to the City Guard of Obsidian Bay late at night in the barracks, or whether it began as guarded lore given to new initiates to the various adolescent “secret societies” that exist among the apprentices and students of the Wizards Guild, Obsidian Bay is unknown, but it is certain to promote excellence among those groups, as aspirants strive to increase their skills with both blade and spell, hoping to be one of the chosen.