Tänévir Calywyn

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Tenevir's Badge

Blackrazor Guild Alumi and former Guildmaster, Lord Warden of Mormaeglindor, and Field General of Obsidian Bay.


Lord Tanevir Calywyn, Field General of Obsidian Bay Special Forces, Peer of the Realms of the Grand Duchy of Geoff and the Duchy of Ulek, Mage of the Obsidian Tower, and Warden of Mormaeglindor

Once semi-retired, Tanevir used be found either conducting research within the Obsidian Tower, or instructing rangers whilst roaming the wilds of the Lortmil Range from his fortress Mormaeglindor, or relaxing in Brewerton.

Now, he makes his headquarters in the Ulek city of Havenhill, where he sits on the War Council to plan the conduct of the war against the forces of the Despot Turrosh Mak.

Tanevir has in his travels befriended a a young copper dragon, Ghelhaeris, whom he occasionally rides into battle.



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