Ruins of the Obsidian Tower

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The ruins of the Obsidian Tower contain several levels of dungeons, all carefully protected by powerful magic aimed at keeping intruders out ... and the denizens of those dungeons in.

Site Overview

For decades, the Obsidian Tower loomed over Obsidian Bay's Strange Quarter, a tall, stark monument to the city's magical might. Then came the Fall of Obsidian Bay and an assault on the Tower launched by seven ancient Suel Archmages whom members of the Blackrazor Guild had unwittingly freed. The assault apparently triggered some sort of magical defenses in the tower, causing it to teleport to an unknown location, and leaving its many sublevels behind.

The "ruins" are not much to look at; the break with the rest of the tower was a clean one, leaving a glassy smooth surface where the building once stood. It is the abandoned outlying support structures -- smaller stone buildings for supplies and animals -- that give the site it's "ruined" look.

A portal, shielded by magic, provides access to the ruins' sublevel to whatever Tower mage needs it, but rumors say anyone else trying to bypass the defenses will be instantly disintegrated. Other rumors say that the dungeon's magical defenses are beginning to fail, which would surely unleash a massive, monstrous assault on the city. Few believe such tales however.



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