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In CY 591 the Blackrazor Guild set their sights on Maure Castle. For months the delved deep into the under levels of the complex in an attempt to find an close a potential portal to the Fading Lands of Necros. Being the adventurers they are, they also took the time to loot anything of worth. Instead of making the trip all the way back to Obsidian Bay, they started teleporting to the much closer city of Seltaren. Here they found several interested buyers in what they returned with. Eventually they even purchased a house to serve as a resting spot. To look after the house they sent 15 of their redshirts, the lowest ranking guild members, to look after the house.

A few days later the Blackrazors exploring the Castle were re-called to the city. Seems war came to Obsidian Bay, and all hands were needed. The redshirts in Seltaren were overlooked, and so they went about their business. Now nearly 6 months later only 3 redshirts remain, and they're in dire need for some income. So they've decided it's time to recruit.

Player Primer

The Duchy of Urnst is a country blessed on several fronts. It has a moderate climate well situated for farming; it is connected to large waterways which both provide transportation and protection from drought; and it's ringed by mountains providing not only natural defenses, but also a wealth of minerals. Situated towards the center of the country is the city of Seltaren. Once a booming center of trade and commerce for the country, Seltaren was also the capital.

This all changed when the founders of the region the Maure, mysteriously closed the doors of Maure Castle. Trade declined to the point that eventually the capital was moved to another city. The nobles of Seltaren, intent on preserving the power they once had, drove the city to corruption and decay. It didn't help things when the previous Duke raised taxes against the temples of the Duchy over three hundred percent, driving many to leave the country. Even worse for the city, when the current Duke Karll Lorinar came to power in CY572, he expelled the thieves guild of the new capital of Leukish. Many of these found a renewed purpose in Seltaren driving the city decay even further.

However, not all is lost in Seltaren. As the center of all travel in the country, many nobles still conduct their business from the city. Conflict in the neighboring countries of Tenh and the Empire of the Bright Lands have brought solders and mercenaries looking to sign up with a noble raising forces. Additionally, a few years ago the famed Circle of Eight delved into Maure Castle unlocking many of its secrets; or so most thought. Their forays into the Castle only encouraged others to try their hand seeking additional secrets. This renewed interest has brought countless adventurers into Duchy seeking to try their hand at the Castle. Many stop in Seltaren to conduct research, gather allies for the cause, or simply to buy and sell equipment.

One of these adventuring groups was the Blackrazor Guild of Obsidian Bay and the Pomarj. Stories of their exploits have nearly become the thing of legend. Not only known for their adventures, the guild is also known for their part in saving both the city and the entirety of the Pomarj several times. Some say they had a hand in helping repel the giant invasion of Geoff. Their delves into Maure Castle are talked about in every bar in Seltaren. They brought back valuable artifacts, riches, and stories back to the city. They've spent money throughout the city, and even opened up a chapter in the city itself.

Now, as Brewfest is upon us, word is they are looking to expand their ranks in the city of Seltaren. They are looking for those of an adventuring mind to come and try out for a chance to join in everything the guild has to offer.

Current Status

The campaign is active.

Cast of Characters

Blackrazor House of Seltaren Redshirts

Character Creation

First level characters, standard point buy. PHB and one other book for creation. Make character eager to try out for a place with the Blackrazors.