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The curmudgeony terramancer and former Blackrazor is now one of the stalwart members of the Order of the Broken Staff.


Sven Kildare (Wiz 12) hails from Keoland, and came to Obsidan Bay in order to adventure in and study the sprawling dungeon known as the Obsidian Maze. He became a member of the infamous Blackrazor Guild for some time, participating in some of their most famous exploits, including their part in the War of Liberation, their Greyhawk exploits and their battles in Geoff. Though a Hero of the Liberation, Sven recently left the Blackrazors and is currently allied with a growing Dwarven clan in a hidden stronghold in the Drachensgrabs.

Sven is around 5'7", and robust seeming for a wizard. He is not handsome by any means, and his slate grey eyes are cold and slightly disdainful. He speaks little and when he does, it is often with great irritation. The exception is when he is speaking with dwarves or with others who are considered experts in Sven's field of interest. Sven greatly dislikes Elves, half-elves, silly gnomes (serious gnomes are okay), or anyone displaying loud or frivolous behavior.

Sven is Lawful Neutral, so he appreciates lawful tendencies in others. He is respectful of the City Government and Guard, and those working under their authority. Sven greatly dislikes the Guild of Wizardry (result of his failed Tower Test) and anyone associated with them. He also greatly dislikes and distrusts the Blackrazor Guild as a whole, even though he maintains a dwelling across the street from the Blackrazor Guild Compound.

He usually is in residence at his home whenever he is working on something dangerous, or when there is danger of some powerful creature getting loose. Sven feels that the Blackrazor Guild would be able to stop many threats and if not, then the Guild's destruction is no great loss.

If people wish to contact Sven, they can leave messages for him at his abode or at Delven and Sons.

Skill Areas of Expertise

  • Blacksmithing (10 ranks)
  • Architecture/Engineering (15 ranks)
  • Stone Masonry (15 ranks)
  • Craft - Sculpture (10 ranks)
  • Mining (15 ranks)
  • Knowledge Planes (Elemental Planes) (15 ranks)
  • Magical Areas of Expertise

Sven has many summoning spells. He is also an expert in travelling spells (teleportation, dimension door, plane shift) and anyspell dealing with rock and earth (passwall, stone to flesh, wall of iron, wall of stone, stoneshape, stonetell, etc). Sven does not know or keep any items that would be associated with "Air" magic (fly, gust of wind, lightning bolt, etc).

Creation Feats

  • Craft Staff
  • Scribe Scroll
  • Craft Wand


  • Order of the Broken Staff: The Order of the Broken Staff is a little-known group comprised of mages who have rejected the Guild of Wizardry and the Obsidian Tower’s dominance over magic in the city.



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