When Fire-Breathing Monkeys Attack

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About the Saga

The adventurers attempt to track down a fire-breathing, polymorphed monkey running amok in the High Quarter.


Cast of Characters

Notable Quotes

"Now is the time to drink and be merry, for we have won a great battle, and I can get my lute out of hack." -- Thom Silverbow

What Has Come Before

The adventurers have just defeated the Bloody Axes Cult and its leader, the murderer known as Chaosbringiner.

The Saga

Harvester 10, CY 591

On the evening Harvester 10, Prug lays passed out in the street, and suddenly begins to glow. A small crowd begins to gather. "Prug – " someone shouts " he has risen again … and he is glowing!" Party gathers up equipment and then flees.

Prug suggests heading out to find the rest of Rusty Axes, but party debates. Prug decides to speak to the gathered crowd, "Says that the Axes are not defeated, that they are below the streets. They are calling us out, and we shall meet. We must support the city guard (which draws jeers)." The party leaves the Low Market as the sounds of the guard patrol roar.

The party agrees to head into the sewers the next day, and to rendezvous at the Stone Goblin Inn. Salzar asks after Denno, the jewel fence, says he’s not wanted around here.

"Now is the time to drink and be merry, for we have won a great battle, and I can get my lute out of hack."

Harvester 11, CY 591

Thredeg, the city investigator arrives at the Stone Goblin, tells them that between his attacks on lairs in the Wharf District and the Strange Quarter, and the adventurers fight, he believes that the Bloody Axes have been destroyed.

Tells tales of a fire-breathing monkey in the High Quarter, as well as a 20-foot plum tree in the high quarter dropping purplish fruit.

Receive message from boy from Prug that he is ready to go to the sewers at noon; they send a message back that Bloody Axes were destroyed and to meet at Zweihanders.

Next day Salzar takes them to Zweihanders Weapons & Armors, where he meets with Zweihander (who is making his own armor). Zweihander agrees to make masterwork breastplate and masterwork greatsword for 10% less than market. Thom commissions a throwing dagger. Largo demands armor covered in eyes; Zweihander scoffs and demands that he goes to the Strange Quarter.

Prug heads to the temple and apologizes, then discusses what to do with treasure. Lead cleric suggests setting up clinic.

Corash consults with Vargas about possible locations to find elvish crafted blades, and he – having learned much of the city during his recent studies -- recommends Ellison’s Fine Blades in the High Quarter.

Largo heads to the Sunken Hammer Guild and speaks with his friend, the assistant guildmaster, about possible places to find high quality pearls in the city. He learns of Errl’s Pearls, a shop dedicated entirely to pearls in the Strange Quarter. Going there he finds a shop filled with exotic and interesting display cases of all kinds … and filled with equally high quality, near identical 100 gp pearls.

He then heads to the Goldseekers Guild, where he speaks with his contact there and asks about places for fine blades – particularly elven blades – in the city. He’s told to go to Ellison’s Fine Blades.

Given a message to carry to Lord Byron, with 1 gp, Largo goes to check out Ellison’s, while Gruffudd, turning his back on his elven heritage, leaves.

Vargas and Corash enter, immediately confronted by Ellison. Blade of the Silver Dragon (+1 silvered weapon). Corash, after seeing magical bow that will entangle his enemies, explains he’s on a budget.

Seeks out the second-best blade shop; Widow-Makers in the Adventurers Quarter. Armorer demands an orc scalp in order to sell to Corash masterwork weapons, skeptical because he’s associated with Thom.

Thom seeks out the Golden Lyre in the Adventurers Quarter (100 gp). Commissions a new flute. Then head to Falling Princess Inn in the High Quarter.

Go to the Falling Princess, meet set designers, learn about the monkey breathing fire on lordling’s dinner at the Inn of Good Food, then go to the Drunken Eagle (bawdy inn known for weird food, bad humor) where Largo poses as a food inspector, but learns little.

Decide to seek out Prug, who may have some ideas. Prug suggests he’s pooing and peeing on his rivals. Learn that many magic items were stolen, and that the necklace is probably a necklace of missiles. Also find the name of the chef’s old restaurant, and that the House of Good Food was there.

Get there, find an abandoned vial that once held elixir of fire breath. Talk with Sir Gunther, chef, who explains that the Chief Chef had gone bankrupt from gambling and bad business decisions. Also learn of three restaurants he hated.

Gilthanis, half-elf owner of the Hungry Minotaur. More than willing to entertain the monkey chasers. Largo wants find a place that makes masterwork thieves tools.

Thom finds Gruffud and returns home. All return to the tavern, where they stake it out, having closed all the doors and windows save the front door, and arranged for a feast. Largo gets chef to bake banana cake.

Vargas casts spell to see in shadows, but is still surprised when monkey comes flying in, jumps into the rafter, and breathes on the cake … with largo inside. Thom tries to daze the monkey, but fails. Then monkey breaths on him, burning him quiet badly. Vargas responds by casting ray of frost, chilling the monkey.

Salzar moves to the center table, jumping on to it with an eye toward climbing toward the ceiling. Largo throws top off flaming cake, then tumbles off table, narrowly avoiding the flames.

Corash casts sleep on the monkey, but the creature shrugs off the affect. Tom tries to daze monkey again, but fails.

Vargas blinds monkey, wrapping him in a shadow net and blinding him, then shuts the door. Salzar leaps off the table, trying to grapple the monkey, but falls to the ground. Largo runs to a pole, starts climbing it, going up 10 feet. Monkey then drops another ice orb, damaging those around him slightly. Salzar runs for a table, drags it beneath monkey.

Largo tries to climb up pole, stays in the same place. Corash moves up, helps drag another table over. Inspired, Gruffudd drags another table over. Thom moves up, throws dagger at monkey but misses. Monkey responds by dropping another orb, lightly damaging everyone with frost.

Salzar clamors onto table, preparing to attack monkey as night drops. Largo climbs up pole, reaches rafters, starts toward monkeys.

Corash casts "gust of wind" from a scroll., trying to blast monkey from rafters, but it deftly maneuvers out of the way. Gruffud climbs up onto table next Salzar. Monkey moves past men on table, who try and fail to grab him. Thom hits it with a dagger, then falls back. Vargas moves and prepares to subdue monkey. Largo continues slow crawl near the monkey, finally nearing it and proclaiming "it’s over Arval; surrender now!"

Gruffud finally jumps and snares monkey, grappling him. Party allowed to keep treasure – necklace and ring.

  • Corash takes Necklace of Missiles
  • Gruffud takes Amulet of Health
  • Salzar takes Chaosbringer (+1 battle axe chaotic)
  • Vargas takes Ring of Protection +2
  • Chainmail goes untaken

Experience & Loot

  • Gruffud: 1575 (he got into that tossle with the city guards)
  • Prug: 1200 (he fought Chaosbringer toe-to-toe, in spite of the danger of being killed)
  • Everyone else: 1100 xp (a little high going strictly by the numbers, but it was a tough fight, culminated a story arc, and I don't want to leave Nate's character hanging in XP limbo)