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The Band of Pholtus is one of the most militant -- and is definitely the most religious -- of Obsidian Bay's many adventuring guilds. The Band was founded in CY 581 by Garren Longriver (Fighter 9/Cleric 12) , grandson of one of the legendary founders and the younger brother of its current Lord Mayor Gabriel Longriver . It maintains a low, but disciplined and well-trained, number of guildmembers -- at last count they had 45. They also maintain close ties to the Church of Pholtus, which has a small temple in the city.

Garren started his adventuring career as a paladin of Pelor before falling from grace for being too violent, too forceful and too driven. He rules the guild with an ironfist, drilling them constantly and leading regular missions into the heart of The Pomarj.

The only true allies of the Band of Pholtus belong to the Church of Pholtus, Obsidian Bay. They despise most others in the city, but have a grudging respect for the Orcslayers Guild's undying hatred of evil humanoids (their distasteful embrace of chaos prevents any true alliances).

The guild has cooperated with the Invincibles Guild and the Church of Heironeous, Obsidian Bay in the past, but despite sharing a mutual interest in law and goodness, the Pholtites can't help but know that their would-be allies are following the wrong god.

In terms of enemies, most of the more intelligent humanoids are gunning for the Band of Pholtus, which has dealt devastating blow after blow against Turrosh Mak's forces. Reflecting the attitudes of its founder, the Band's members openly despise the churches of Zodal and Pelor for being too weak.

They are combative and argumentative with just about every major and minor guild in the city, and have almost constant run-ins with its "chaos-driven government."


  • Garren Longriver, Master of the Band of Pholtus: Leader of the militant adventuring guild, the Band of Pholtus, Brother of Lord Mayor Gabriel Longriver.


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