Orcslayers Guild

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A guild dedicated to ending the humanoid menace on the Pomarj once and for all.


The Orcslayers Guild was formed during the Greyhawk Wars by members of just about every guild in the city to bring the war to the humanoids with almost a suicidal intensity. As the Year of the Peace began, and a ceasefire was signed between the Lord Holders of Obsidian Bay and Turrosh Mak, the Orcslayers went on an unwanted hiatus at the urging of the city’s leaders.

Their declared goal is simple – drive the humanoids from The Pomarj peninsula. They are chafing under the restrictions of the cease fire, which has forced them into doing unheroic chores for the merchant guilds of the city. The recent humanoid attacks against settlements on the fringes of Obsidian Bay have prompted the guild to send members to protect the farmers and workers there.

The guild is led by a trio of war heroes: the human Atisha Morningstar (Scout 13), the elf Domin Nightdreamer (Wizard-Illusionist 13) and the human Cutter (Ranger 13).

The three have contacts in every guild in the city, and are rumored to have allies in the Knights of Luna – the elven group working to force Celene into action against the evil in the world.

The nominal guildmaster of the guild is Morningstar, who holds the seat on the city's Council of Guilds.



  • Orcslayers Guildhall: This guildhall is a spartan, one-story building that serves as a staging area for the Orcslayers.


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