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Major NPCs

Minor NPCs

  • Acrak the Horse Dealer
  • Sir Erogin Wardare, Knight of the Fist, lord of Wardare Tower.
  • Jason Aldern, a brother in the Church of Pelor. The heroes consulted him about darkmantles they encountered in the Sidewinder Pass.s
  • Dareth, a guard at the March Gate.
  • Dorsin, a junior member of the Sewer Workers Guild.
  • Grünhorn, a dwarven expert hired by Vargas to provide much-needed engineering and dungeoneering knowledge on the Sidewinder Pass expedition.
  • Adrick Starcloak, Master of Apprentices for the Guild of Wizardry
  • Lord Orman, a lord whose household staff were turned into monkeys by the Cartographers. He is friendly to the heroes, since they successfully recovered the polymorphed servants.
  • Wenti, a member of the Alchemists Guild
  • Sergeant Edwin, A guard tasked with the unfortunate job of leading night patrols in the Mudsitters District.
  • Broden the Quick and Kosen the Fat, would be squires to Sir Fawkes. Fawkes coerced them to join the military, stating they would be worthy to serve him when they return.



  • Coral Cove: A small fishing community located on the southern short of the Great Southern Plain of the Pomarj. The Dark City heroes saved the village from attack by mutated lobstrocities in Harvester 591.
  • Empire of Shadow: An unknown, mysterious subterrean kingdom ruled by the "Shadow Lords". The adventurers first heard of it when interograting kobolds during the Sidewinder Pass expedition.




Tribes & Gangs

  • Bleeding Eye Clan: A mystical band of orcs who followed a leader who wielded the Bleeding Eye of Thaggurth. Much of the clan was decimated in Patchwall 591 when they sent their warriors to avenge their chieftan's death at the hands of Sir Erogin Wardare, Knight of the Fist.
  • Rusty Axes: A crazed band of murderers who worshipped Erythnul, god of slaughter. They were broken by the Dark City heroes in Goodmonth 591.
  • The Breakers: The Breakers one of Obsidian Bay's more elusive gangs, specializing in descrete physical threats, shakedowns, and protection rackets. Agents of the Breakers attacked Prug in Harvester 591.
  • Brainsmashers Gang: A coachroach-like gang thought destroyed by the Blackrazors. It has since reappeared, and started operating in the Docks. It's present leader is a man named Turin.
  • The Cartographers: A group of pranksters operating in Obsidian Bay.
  • The Undreamers: A crazed cult trying to plunge Obsidian Bay into the Far Realm.


  • Followers of the Earth Dragon: The Earth Dragon is and always was. An elemental spirit of immense power bound to the heart of the Drachensgrabs, the Earth Dragon is as old of the mountains, and has been worshiped on the Pomarj for countless centuries. Now the ancient faith is undergoing a resurgence in the cities of Obsidian Bay and Blue.
  • Maidens of the Shield: A newly formed group of female warriors who worship the goddess Mayaheine. Actively aiding the downtrodden in the Mudsitters District. Also investigating potential "brainwashing" from the Earth Dragon Cult.


  • Messengers Guild: A guild trying to strong-arm a monopoly on deliveries in Obsidian Bay.
  • Couriers Association: Officially known as the Association of Independent Couriers, the Couriers Association (or more simply "the Couriers") is a small group of letter carriers who've banded together to oppose the monopolistic impulses of the much larger Messengers Guild.

Private Groups

  • Followers of the Silver Flame: A covert force for good being organized by Promethean Steelbrand, owner of Steelbrand Trading Co. and a man who feels that the evil lurking within Obsidian Bay must be fought.