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Dark City is an urban campaign taking place almost entirely in the city of Obsidian Bay. It follows the adventures of a number of new arrivals to the city as they struggle to adjust and fit in to their new home. It takes place in late CY 591. The campaign is comprised of two subcampaigns:

  • Shadows of the Silver Flame: The upper-level campaign featuring the original Dark City heroes.
  • Pathfinders: The lower-level campaign, following a new set of adventurers through Obsidian Bay.

Current Status

The campaign is active.

Cast of Characters

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Shadows of the Silver Flame



Shadows of the Silver Flame



Shadows of the Silver Flame

  • "Dirty" Salsar, sword for hire
  • Wind, agile elven swordsman


Character Creation

New characters should be of appropriate level, built using a 30 point buy, and use the standard starting gold and magic item restrictions as outlined in Starting Wealth Guidelines.

  • Silver Flame Characters start at 5th level.
  • Pathfinder Characters start at 2nd level.




  • Obsidian Bay: The city that is home to the campaign.
  • Sidewinder Pass: A twisting, dangerous underground passage way into the UnderOerth which the Dark City heroes once investigated.


  • “The Green Griffon Tavern”, Book of Roguish Luck web enhancement by Malhavoc Press. Download the PDF; in our campaign, the Tavern is located in the Strange Quarter.