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Erngard, a twenty-six year old human, is the pesky local boy gone good in Obsidian Bay’s neighborhood of the Mudsitters District. Starting off his career at the age of twelve, he left his rough and torn family in the country in search of “the right thing” having read about heroes that “robbed from the rich and gave to the poor”.

As with some brave and noble ambitions, he lost his way by needing to eat and joining the Professionals Guild as a messenger, then runner, and eventually burglar. With the death of a friend named Quill, on what appeared to be an innocent and easy run, Erngard left (as best as one could) from the guild and was captured by the city guard.

He served some time in the Citadel of Law and was left go. Knowing he had to change his ways, he then joined the Orcslayers Guild, where he joined them in quick and fast skirmishes and patrolling the area outside the town from the orcs of Turrosh Mak. His rogue skills were useful and he developed skills as a ranger and scout. Having served time and pondering re-enlistment or other avenues, Erngard is back in his old neighborhood finding odd jobs with the intention of never returning to his life of crime.



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