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Major NPCs

Minor NPCs

Baroness Estrada's Court

Clan Voldrun

Obsidian Frontier Campaign specific NPCs

  • Arilian: Apathetic druid leader of the Emerald Alliance who believes balance must be restored to the Pomarj ... and doesn't particularly care what happens to the forces of "civilization" after that.
  • Raris Armbruster: The captain of the Scorpion, a coastal cog that makes frequent runs between Obsidian Bay, Gryrax, and Gradsul
  • Babdar Dragonspike: Godfather and advisor to Redblade, Dragonspike shares his desire to liberate the Pomarj
  • Degranus: Known as "the Rose" -- (or derisively as "the Stinker") -- Degranus is an expert swordsman who revels in contradictions. Astute, educated, and well spoken, he is also the champion of the latest arm-wrestling competition at Armbreaker's Tourneyhall
  • Gillia of the Shadowed Grove: A dryad who lives in a tree beside a small waterfall-fed, hill-shrouded grove in the Dire Downs.
  • Gordón Duchamp: Leather craftsman in the seaside district. Specializes in leather armor
  • Gunnolf: A winter wolf that hunts the Drachensgrabs. His son, Odolf, is Finn's animal companion
  • Kor: male human "fighter", drunken lone survivor of failed expedition, now the leader of the Wyverns.
  • Mordus Ironfist: Cousin to Mardock Redblade and owner of a small foundry in Obsidian Bay
  • Lossëlen ("Star Blossom"): female elf cleric of Erevan Ilesere, servant to "Willow Wind" (Súlimëtasar)
  • Lithorion Neverlost: male half-elf cartographer and information broker. Frequent customer at the New Mazeraider's
  • Mardok Redblade: A young, opportunistic dwarf who's the leader of the Clan Voldrun and an agitator for the dwarves waging war against the humanoid invaders of the Pomarj
  • Captain Treland Silvertooth: leader of a gang of starving pirates from the Sea Lion, shipwrecked on the Pomarj coast trying (and failing) to hunt rabbits with scimitars
  • Telthanas: Over-worked scribe and one-time adventurer in the Griffins Guild.
  • Tiruild: The male Suel fighter who leads the Anchormen.
  • Reginald Wynn: Billet of St. Cuthbert

Broken Land Campaign specific NPCs

  • Burk: Male human fighter. A well meaning warrior eager to make new friends and protect the ones he has. One of Cartwright's companions.
  • Duns Brokennuckle: Male human. Henchmen working for Ellis Cartwright, businessman.
  • Ellis Cartwright: Male human. Obsidian Bay's leading importer of common goods -- farming equipment, basic weapons and armor, etc.
  • Ernest Cartwright: Male human bard. He's an adventure-seeking young man who wants nothing to do with his father's import business.
  • Wynn Dawnsong: Female human bard. Leader the Obsidian Bay chapter of the secretive Seekers of the Arcane.
  • Elsa Dolin: Female human. Leader of the Votaries, the paladins of St. Cuthbert.
  • Ejan the Eel: Male human. A low-level criminal contact familiar with the city's seedy underside.
  • Olie Eggal: Male human. formerly of the Sunndian Rangers.
  • Arthur Goodhammer, Male human and leader of the Billet of St. Cuthbert.
  • Frenie Two-Knives: Male half-orc. A fence in Blue popular with pirates.
  • Jann: Female human. Cleric of Kuroth, god of theft and treasure finding. One of Cartwright's companions.
  • Kiltrap: Male human. A henchmen working for Ellis Cartwright, businessman.
  • Lornan: Male half-elf. A fletcher who's taken in a number of orphans and begun training them in his craft.
  • Ozka Miston: Female human. leader of the Order of the Stars in the Church of St. Cuthbert.
  • Sir Neldon Mungadr: Male human. A retired knight from Keoland, now owner of one of Obsidian Bay's first holdfasts.
  • Alevia Mungadr: Female human. Wife of Neldon Mungadr.
  • Ehba Norz: Female human. A holy woman of Wes Jas, formerly of Kalstrand.
  • Arienne Pallen: Famle human. Second in command of the Chapeaux in Obsidian Bay. A stern, strident woman who ensures the church’s day to day operations are predictable and repeatable.
  • Ravi: Male human. A grey market dealer specializing in buying and selling unusual items.
  • Xerla Shroudborn: Female human. A holy warrior of Wes Jas obsessed with destroying the unlawful undead.
  • Sonny: Male human. A henchmen working for Ellis Cartwright, businessman.
  • Topper: Male human. One of Ernie Cartwright's adventuring companions, Topper is a wizard with a severe inferiority complex.


Monsters & Villains

  • Death's Head Hags: A coven of hags who rule over a splinter tribe of the Red Nail Gnolls.
  • Broken Hills Giants: A small tribe of hill giants resides in the mountains north of Obsidian Bay.
  • The Green Blight: A green dragon who hunted the Verdant Waste. (rumored to be deceased)
  • Nox the Malignant: A young black dragon who dwells near a river in the eastern Pomarj. A tribe of mutated trolls and kobolds worship him as a god
  • Taalkurz: A red dragon who rules the southern Drachensgrabs. It's name is orcish for "Undying Fire". It translates to "Inferno" in common; "Fire curse" in dwarven; Aegnor ("fell fire" in elvish).
  • Ol'Triple Threat: A old, cunning wyvern who hunted the the farmlands and river valley east of Obsidian Bay. (rumored to be deceased)
  • Selchaine: Female human. aka the Dead Lady. Outcast daughter of House Selibrand, itself a lesser house within House Darmen. Now a member of the Cult of Death Undying, a Nerullite death cult.
  • Rendar: Male human. Loyal Henchman of the necromancer Selchaine.
  • Tulzork: Male orog. Leader of the remnants of the Storm Tower orcs.


  • Obsidian Bay, CY 515: (also still known as Griffins Landing) while only two years after it's founding in 513, the settlement on Obsidian Bay has been growing faster than it's founders can keep up thanks in part to the discovery of the Obsidian Maze.




Alehouses generally offer just a narrow choice of drink (beginning to be brewed on premises at some places rather than imported) and the most simple of food such as dried meats or salted fish, hard cheese, and possibly bread, usually things that increase thirst rather than satisfy appetite.

  • The Bloody Orc: Probably the crudest and most prone to violence of all the establishments to spring up in the last few years, it is currently little more than a step above one of the mess tents of the garrison after their previous ramshackle building was destroyed in a fire that also claimed the life of the first owner, Sibas Grandison, and the original Mazeraider's next door. There is some dispute over where the fire actually started, but most people believe that patrons of the Bloody Orc were responsible. Two cousins from Hardby, Marak Brune and Karth Blackmont, previously bouncers here, have taken on the name, and hung the charred sign at their new location.
  • The Gull and Anchor: Little more than a tent with some reinforced wooden walls, this place is mostly frequented by seafaring folk not looking to put down roots yet. The crews of whichever ships are in port often take the place over for a few days before sailing off once their shipments have been secured. "Lowhand" Mose of Scant owns the place, and essentially just keeps it stocked according to the wishes of the crews who arrive (after being paid by the captain or quartermaster of course), and lets crews serve themselves. There is little here than can break, or can't be washed off with a thrown bucket of water.
  • Armbreaker's Tourneyhall: Arm-wrestling is the game, and the game is good for the barbaric hill men who wandered down from the Drachensgrabs to get a taste of ale not brewed in an old stump. It also features a "roast-it-yourself" fire pit where they provide long iron skewers for its patrons to cook any wild game they have drug in from the hinterlands. It is run by the hulking Jerin "Armbreaker" Wolfstride, a worshiper of Kord most recently from Ratik, but originally from the far northern reaches of the Ice Barbarians.
  • The Boot n' Rally: Vying with the Bloody Orc for being the roughest place in town, this is one of the newest drinking halls to be set up, run by a unique raucous combined sect of the gods Kord and Olidammara, led by Reztnem Kranf and Piertram Evad, both men from Radigast City in Urnst.


Taverns offer a wider choice of drink as well as full prepared meals, with menus varying from simple to elaborate.

  • The New Mazeraider's: The previous establishment having burned down during the fire that also took the adjoining original Bloody Orc, they now have a standalone building. It is frequented by moneychangers, appraisers, alleged sages and the like who offer their services to adventuring parties who have hauled in ancient coinage and trade bars, or more peculiar treasures, from the depths of the Obsidian Maze. It also functions as a place for trading current intelligence on the monstrous inhabitants of the maze, a cartographic repository, and recruiting for serious expeditions. A pair of half-elven women from around Greyhawk City, Laraelia Lightcloak and Cadilith Moondusk run the place, and get a cut from many of the transactions that happen under their roof.
  • The Wise Fool: Named for a famous book of parables of the faith of St. Cuthbert, this tavern built across the street from the new fort at Griffin's Landing is the semi-official headquarters of the self-appointed "Watch of the Cudgel". It offers decent ale, simple fare, and has a pot of hot tea and a cauldron of stew simmering around the clock, catering to the constant patrols of its owners and main patrons. The followers of St. Cuthbert are assigned shifts to run the tavern when not out patrolling, and they hold their holy rites here as well, using profits and donations to make improvements to the establishment and fund their activities, though the overall management of the tavern is handled by the stalwart Aberidon Helmlock (older male human), a longtime friend of Johann the Destroyer from back in Irongate.
  • The Gorgon's Head: The newest tavern to be built, and with an onsite brewery, this place is quickly becoming popular for its respectability. Opened by a retired Knight of the Watch from Keoland and his wife, a priestess of Wenta (goddess of brewing) Lohmax and Neyda Byesage maintain a clean and well run establishment, and have already begun construction on an addition where rooms for the night can be offered, and thus become a formal inn.


Inns offer lodging as well as the services of a tavern, and occasionally have entire rooms that can be reserved for meetings and banquets.

  • The Gryphon's Roost: While of common fashion compared to the fine inns of the larger cities of the Flanaess, this establishment is the best Obsidian Bay currently has to offer besides the private abodes of the settlement's luminaries. Built upon the natural plateau where the Griffin's Guild has established its seat of power, this inn caters to traveling merchants and other trade dignitaries seeking to set up agreements for use of the newly secured port. It is run by Cadirew Greystorm (middle-aged male human) and his burgeoning family.
  • Frowning Wolf Inn: A lower-end tavern popular with rangers and others more comfortable in the woods than in town. The owner is Cret, a retired ranger whose dire wolf is a constant presence in the bar and "frowns" (e.g. growls menacingly) at anyone who gets out of hand. Few do.
  • Sign of the Silver Wave: Catering to the more successful of Obsidian Bay who aren't directly involved in governing, such as ship captains and officers from those in in port, the leaders of the more successful adventuring guilds and mercenary companies, and more than a few visiting wizards, this place is ideal for those seeking to avoid the trappings of civic responsibility that are commonly pressed upon those visiting the Eyrie and The Gryphon's Roost. Skanler Hastwyck is the proprietor, an opportunistic dandy from Gradsul in Keoland.


Hostels offer only the most basic of lodging, usually space shared in a common area, or multiple tenants to a room. They may have an area for laundry, but few other amenities available, but are usually located near other businesses for such services. A lower end hostel is often referred to as a "flophouse".

  • Widow Harligen's: Part hostel and part orphanage, this is not a place anyone except the most destitute look forward to being at. The orphans here earn their keep by maintaining the rooms for the paying customers, themselves generally not the most well off of Obsidian Bay's residents.


Boardinghouses offer more private longterm lodging than inns, with personal larders and cooking fires in the room, furniture, etc.


Brothels vary the greatest in accommodations, and may offer services from any and all of the above types, or even be run from a single tent, though obviously focusing on carnal satisfaction above other priorities. Of course, independent workers in this trade may also be found at any of the above establishments as well, but brothels have the reputation for purpose of visit, and are run as organized enterprises rather than the occasional encounter found at other establishments.

  • The Vulgar Fool: While this establishment has no official name yet, it already has earned its moniker as a jab at the Cuthbertine tavern of similar name, this being the exact opposite. As much a gambling den as a brothel, this establishment is quickly becoming popular among the rougher adventurers and sailors of Obsidian Bay.



Tribes & Gangs

  • Purple Squid hobgoblins: A tribe of hobgoblins living near Obsidian Bay.
  • Red Fang Orc Tribe: The inhabitants of Storm Tower before the arrival of the Griffins Guild.
  • Stormriders: Barbaric survivalists who spend weeks in the field and mock those who sleep indoors. Or bathe. Or drink anything other than beer and mead.
  • The Wyverns: A street gang just getting established. Their leader is wiry Suel warrior named Svagnolf, The man has no honor, and was driven out of the lands of the Frost Barbarians for killing his brother.



  • Anchormen Guild: Dimwitted fighters who take their name to mean they are solid and dependable, which they are. Not too smart though.
  • Stonebreakers Guild: The Stonebreakers are a group of 15 dwarves who forsook their clans when the Poor March fell. They saw their clan mates' stone-bound stubbornness and unrelenting pride as the key reasons why the Poor March fell. They shaved their beards and swore and oath not to grow them back until the principality's lands had been recovered.
  • Emerald Alliance: An elf-led organization with rangers, druids, and others who seek to punish the ecological excesses of the humanoid masses. They are more concerned with restoring environmental balance than they are liberating it. They maintain a small guild hall within Griffin's Landing.


  • Relentless: Agents of Trithereon who seek to right the wrongs of the fall. While others are content to battle monsters wherever they find them, the Relentless look to right the most terrible wrongs of the invasion. This includes hunting down those who opportunistically used the invasion to advance their own agendas. They maintain a shrine and operational barracks in Griffin's Landing.
  • Questers for the Everdawn: A sect that believes that the Pomarj contains a portal to the demiplane of Radiance. Those who unlock it will be able to burn the humanoid scourge from the face of the Pomarj. Everdawns ranks are filled with the warrior monks, paladins, and clerics of Pholtus.
  • Awakeners: Krovis is a slumbering hero-god who is prophesied to awaken when the world is threatened by a great evil. The Awakeners are bards, fighters, sorcerers, and wizards who seek to find Krovis and awaken him so that he might fight the humanoid invasion.

Mercenary Companies

  • Ranfrot's Raiders: Led by Lord Ranfrot, eight son of a minor Keoish noble family. Unlikely to inherit in this lifetime or the next, he set out to make his own fortune.
  • Scorpio's Stingers: The Stinger's follow Scorpio Venaseel, a ruthless mercenary known for his prolific use of poison on the battlefield. His men fight dirty, and don't care who knows it.
  • The Black Company: Led by Sir Ornin the Black, outcast son of House Erodolf in the Northern Province of the Great Kingdom. He schemes to accumulate enough power to return to his homeland and ... settle ... things there.
  • Nazarn's Answer: Mostly former gladiators and prize fighters with a surprising number of half-orc and other humanoid members. These individuals follow the hero-god Nazarn.

Private Groups

  • Seekers of the Arcane: A loose organization of treasure hunters, scholars, and explorers, with lodges throughout the Flanaess and beyond. They scour the world for artifacts, magic, and treasure. There are several Seeker operatives in Obsidian Bay -- foremost among them being Wynn Dawnsong --, but they have not yet formed a lodge.