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The leaders of the Griffins Guild were responsible for founding the Free City of Obsidian Bay and is has been the leading adventuring guild in the city ever since.


The leaders of the Griffins Guild were responsible for founding the Free City of Obsidian Bay and it has been been the leading adventuring guild of the city ever since.

Its guildmaster is the half-elf mage-warrior Alec Oldin. The Lord Mayor of the city, Gabriel Longriver, adventured with the guild in his youth, as did the leader of the Guild of Wizardry, Starstorm.

The guild maintains a fortress in the Drachensgrab Mountains known as the Griffin's Grasp, which serves as a staging area, retreat and training center for the guild.

Alec Oldin is the quiet spoken, calm individual who leads the legendary Griffins Guild with an even hand. While no where near as charismatic or driven as its previous guildmasters, Alec has patiently organized expeditions and missions that have expanded the guild's power base and increased its profits.

The Griffins Guild has close ties with many of the good-aligned adventuring guilds in the city, notably the Orcslayers, the Starfire Guild, and the Invincibles.  Many of the city's power elite got their start in the guild, and remain close to their guild even after leaving. 

Guildmaster Alec Oldin is a trusted adviser to Lord Mayor Gabriel Longriver, and its members are almost always available for  special government missions. The guild is also one of the few that has close ties with the reclusive, but powerful, Obsidian Tower.  

It is not without its enemies though. The guild is universally despised by the rulers of The Pomarj for the role they played in the city's founding, as well as its defense.




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