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Khelez-Mar is an ancient dwarven fortress located in the Drachensgrab Mountains.


Khelez-Mar is an ancient dwarven fortress located in the Drachensgrab Mountains on The Pomarj peninsula. It served as a community, a mine, and an armory for hundreds of years until destroyed and looted by a greedy necromancer and his humanoid army in 395 CY.

It was liberated nearly 200 years later by the Blackrazor Guild on Readyreat 26, CY 590. Erilar and a party of Blackrazors were on a mission for Nightengale, the high druid of the Pomarj, when they ran into some dwarves on a quest to find the lost fortress.

Since it's rediscovery it has subsequently invited selected individuals of honest reputation from Obsidian Bay, the Principality of Ulek and other dwarven communities to assist in re-establishing Khelez-Mar.

Khelez Mar Setting


This will include the ruling powerstructure (secular and sacred).



This section notes only those religions that have a permanent following within Khelez-Mar. Practitioners of several other faiths can be found within Khelez-Mar, if you know who to ask.


In Khelez-Mar

Galanauk of Clan Bak - High Priest of Moradin

Lexicon: Galanauk (Lost Clansman)

Galanauk of Clan Bak is the High Priest of Moradin in Khelez-Mar and brother of Clan Leader Thror DuBak, and as such, is hugely influential in happenings in the dwarven hold. Galanauk is greatly respected and is an important member of the Dwarkardumm.

Galanauk is mainly concerned with two things; using dwarven craftsmanship to build defenses of the stronghold and destroying the orcish threat in the Drachensgrabs.

As such, he is building an order of Shining Hammers of Moradin within Khelez-Mar. There are currently only two Shining Hammers and another one in training. Galanauk is always looking our for potential recruits.

Clangeddin silverbeard

In Khelez-Mar

Bval of Clan Werim High Priest of Clanggedin

Lexicon: Bval (Messenger of Wrath)

Bval is an old dwarf, but still a doughty warrior and is the High Priest of Clanggedin, WarChief of the forces of Khelez-Mar. As a veteran of the Greyhawk Wars, Bval has spent decades fighting the Orcs of the Lortmils. He came to Khelez-Mar mainly due to frustration over the Principality's inability to launch a decisive campaign to drive the orcs out of the eastern half of their country.

Bval also serves on the Dwarkardumm and is in general agreement with Thror and Galanauk of Clan Bak.

Like most who follow Clanggedin, Bval favors wielding dual axes and will not use shields. Bval is chafing somewhat to complete the defensive preparations so that he can start combat in earnest against the orcs.

He is also a strong patron of the adventurers and allies from the Domain of Obsidian Bay. Although skirmish warfare is not his favorite, currently he does not have enough information on the orcish threat to mount a full scale campaign.

Bval has sponsored several missions intended to gather more information on the orcish warparties (their strength, equipment, tactics and location).

Bval gets along very well with the Knights of the Shield from Obsidian Bay who are stationed in Khelez-Mar. He admires their discipline and courage as well as their deadly effectiveness though he sometimes teases them about their use of shields, asking how they can see their enemy or fight around such large obstacles.


In Khelez Mar

Arval of Clan Fargirn High Priest of Dumathoin

Lexicon: Arval - Blood Messenger

Arval was the second in command of the initial foray to recover Khelez-Mar and was primarily responsible for finding the stronghold, as well as uncovering most of the secrets on the upper levels.

Now Arval is in charge of the mining below Khelez-Mar. He and his clan are excellent miners and prospectors with several accomplished KanaKarakan (Dark Scouts, dwarves specializing in underground exploration and warfare).

Though he is also part of the Dwarkardumm, Arval does not participate much beyond giving updates on the progress of the mining and the availability of resources. In matters of everyday governing, he trusts Thror and Galanauk. Arval and Bval share common cause defending Khelez-Mar from threats from UnderOerth.


In Khelez Mar

There is only one priest of Ulaa in Khelez Mar, Moraim, former member of the Blackrazor Guild, Liberator of the Grand Duchy of Geoff. Moraim was part of the Blackrazor contingent that served to cleanse the lower levels of the stronghold from the monsters that had infested it, culminating with the epic battle against the red dragon Galnathrundak.

Moraim has relocated from Obsidian Bay to Khelez Mar and is a highly respected member of the community, even though there are no others of his clan in Khelez Mar.

In recognition of his stature within Khelez Mar, Moraim frequently leads elite missions for the Dwarkardumm.

Gaerdal Ironhand

In Khelez Mar There is only one of the Gaerdal's faithful in Khelez Mar, a gnome by the name of Errjon, though many of the gnomish community venerate Gaerdal. Errjon was part of the initial quest to find and reclaim Khelez Mar and is the informal leader of the small contingent of gnomes in Khelez Mar.

Errjon is a stealthy and deadly warrior. He favors scouting missions in the Drachensgrab Mountains and into UnderOerth.

Baravar Cloakshadow

In Khelez Mar

There is also only one of Baravar's faithful in Khelez Mar, Folji. He is not from the Principality of Ulek, he was recruited from Mogelsville when the Expedition stopped there in their quest to rediscover Khelez Mar.

Folji was only too eager to leave Mogelsville. Folji is a fairly serious gnome (by dwarven standards, which means that most gnomes think he's insufferably dull). Although Folji is not an enormously experienced cleric, he is quite an accomplished Illusionist. Unlike most gnomes however, Folji seeks out the battlefield applications of his magic, and does not eschew the 'blood and thunder' magics.

In Khelez Mar, Folji acts as one of the few resident arcane experts, a role he quite enjoys.


Adventuring resources within the stronghold.


What you can do during downtime.

Private rooms

You each have a good sized private room (10x10). It is typically cool and dry, and is worked stone (not carved out of a wall like a cave). The door is solid stone on a continuous hinge (a solid cylinder of stone that runs the length of the door), and even though it’s quite heavy, it swings open and shut easily. The door has a built-in lock and can be barred from the inside.

In each room you have a bed, chair, table, and lockable chest and wardrobe. Those of you who wear armor also have an armoring dummy in the room (on which you place your armor when you’re not wearing it), and those of you with more a more scholarly bent have a low bookcase. All of the furniture is sturdy and well made, though not ostentatious. For most of you, these are the nicest quarters you have ever had (not for Sir Ottomar, of course, though you certainly find them appropriate and suitable).

Sir Rencour, after spending some time in your room, you discover (almost by accident), that your walls are covered with expertly made tapestries of blank dwarven stonework. Ahh, dwarven humor.


There are currently three taverns in addition to the main Feast Hall.

Sidh'Rak (Last Bastion)
Baz Dol'Est (Sword of the Fire Cavern)


What other adventuring types are within the stronghold to lend a hand.

  • There are several military, religious, scouting and adventuring groups present in Khelez Mar. There is no arcane organization, and only a few individual practitioners of the art.

Mountain Hammers

The Mountain Hammers are an elite dwarven military group (not to be confused with Shining Hammers of Moradin, a religious group). The Hammers serve as a deadly strike force, similar to Obsidian Bay's Knights of the Fist. When and if the dwarves need to mount a military campaign outside of Khelez Mar, in the Drachensgrab mountains, the Hammers will be leading the way.

The Hammers focus on moving quickly and making devastatingly effective tactical strikes against their enemies soft spots, often using their superior knowledge of mountainous terrain to their advantage when positioning and fighting.

Blood Anvils

The Blood Anvils are an elite dwarven defensive organization. They are tasked with the everyday defense of Khelez Mar. When and if the dwarves need to mount a military expedition outside of their stronghold the Blood Anvils are tasked with securing a defensible position and holding the line against overwhelming forces.

The Anvils also coordinate closely with the Mountain Hammers. In several battles against the orcish forces during the Greyhawk Wars, the Blood Anvils endured the brunt of humanoid attacks. Their refusal to give ground broke many a charge, leaving enemies stalled in front of them while the Mountain Hammers effectively flanked and then decimated the humanoid marauders.

Knights of the Shield

There is a small contingent of Knights of the Shield stationed in Khelez Mar to assist in the defense of the stronghold should it come under direct attack.

The Knights get along very well with most of the dwarves in Khelez Mar and greatly respect the dwarves military knowledge and prowess.

Deep Delvers

The Deep Delvers is a group of dwarves and gnomes who are most comfortable in the deep dark recesses of the mountains. They are skilled in underground combat and have expert knowledge of threats from UnderOerth.

Shining Hammers of Moradin

The Shining Hammers of Moradin are a prestigious military arm of the Faith of Moradin. There are only a few Shining Hammers present in Khelez Mar currently, but High Priest Galanauk of Clan Bak is always on the lookout for promising recruits.



Dwarves founded the stronghold of Khelez Mar several hundred years ago. Descendents of the original founders led the expedition to reclaim the stronghold. With reinforcements from the Principality of Ulek and new recruits from Obsidian Bay, Dwarves are by far the most populous race in Khelez Mar.


Bak Translated as Dwarven Shield.

Fargirn Translated as Mountain Stronghold

Werim Translated as War King


There is a small but significant contingent of gnomes in Khelez Mar. Most are part of the original expedition where they served as arcane magical backup for the dwarves and humans running the expedition. A few are more recent recruits from Mogelsville and Obsidian Bay.

Importantly, the dwarves went out of their way to only recruit the more serious gnomes, which understandably limited their selection. But in the Principality of Ulek during the Greyhawk wars, many of the gnomish communities were massacred. Survivors became much more grim and dwarf-like. Silly and frivolous gnomes are not well tolerated in Khelez Mar. They are not banned but they are not often invited back.


Several elves of importance have visited Khelez Mar, notably Tanevir, Field Marshal of the forces of Obsidian Bay. However, no elves have been offered a home in Khelez Mar.


Humans make up the second largest racial group in Khelez Mar. The original expedition to find and reclaim the stonghold from wilds of the Drachensgrabs included about a dozen human rangers, warriors and (good aligned) rogues.

After the Blackrazors cleared out the lower levels and Khelez Mar was deemed secure, more humans made the dangerous and difficult trek from the Uleks to support their fellows.

In addition to the original expedition and other Ulekis, there are many humans from the Domain of Obsidian Bay who have been invited to Khelez Mar. However the dwarves took great trouble to only invite honorable and dependable humans from Obsidian Bay (Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Lawful Neutral). There is no seedy undercurrent in Khelez Mar at this time.

Also of note, to show their friendship and cooperation, Obsidian Bay has agreed to station a small contingent of Knights of the Shield in Khelez Mar to aid in defense of the Stronghold.

Some Knights of the Fist also stop into Khelez Mar fairly often to rest, resupply and bring news.


There are few halflings who reside in Khelez Mar, and those that do are all adventurers who have been invited to assist in defending the stronghold against the orcish threats.

Half Orcs

Half Orcs are not tolerated in Khelez Mar, no matter the circumstance.




Kraka'Tor (Fortress of Souls): This is a large temple on the Forge Level dedicated to the entire dwarven pantheon.


Bar-Dukr (Crushing Wall): Fortification within Khelez-Mar.

Faruk Dur (Stronghold of the Blood Wolf): Strong fortification that leads from the Defensive Zone on the second level down to the Forge Level.

Council Chambers

Military Training Areas