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Welcome to the GriffWiki, the official reference wiki for the Blackrazor Guild Gaming Group. Celebrating over 20 years of gaming!

  • 20th Anniversary Shirts came in and they look fantastic!
  • Nuke(m)Con 2017 - Fall

Current Campaigns

  • Obsidian Frontier Campaign: The group's 5E playtest finds us returning to Greyhawk; but back in time CY 515 to the "wild west" days of Obsidian Bay, just after it's founding.
  • Broken Land Campaign: Ken's lunchtime Greyhawk campaign, using 5E rules. It also takes place in Obsidian Bay in CY 515, but follows the adventures of a different group of characters..
  • Heart of Darkness Campaign: The first full 5E campaign jumps ahead in Greyhawk's timeline to CY 650.
  • The Borderlands Campaign: This is our "D&D Kids" campaign in which we're playing through B2 Keep on the Borderlands with several of our kids, all age 10. It uses the D&D 5E rules, takes place in CY 566, and is in the Yeomanry.
  • Tales from the Tower: After successfully testing out level 15 play, the group is ready to bring back some old characters to tie up some outstanding story-lines. This pulls in characters from decades of playing so that everyone can share in a few new tales.

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