Tales from the Tower

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After successfully testing out level 15 play, the group is ready to bring back some old characters to tie up some outstanding story-lines. This pulls in characters from decades of playing so that everyone can share in a few new tales.

Current Status

The campaign is active.


To most of the Flanaess the Mages of the Obsidian Tower are just another secretive wizards guild. In reality they are an elite group created with a mandate of defending Oerth from the growing threat of demonic invasion. While still based on Oearth, they now maintain agents across the planes to watch for any sort of otherworldly invasion.

The tales captured among these pages are just a few of the adventures either initiated, or investigated by agents of the Obsidian Tower in CY 593. Many of these include members of the Blackrazor Guild, of which several Tower Mages were or are currently members of. The members of the tower learned long ago that the raw chaotic power of the guild is something that should be harnessed, for fear of what may happen if left to their own designs...

Cast of Characters


Other Oerth Tower Operatives

Other Planes Tower Operatives

List of Honor

Those characters who died in service to Oearth.


Tales from the Tower Sagas - A list of all the Tales from the Tower adventures.


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