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A slaver-turned-billet of St. Cuthbert, Cal is a long-time member of the Blackrazor Guild.


At one time, Cal was a member of a band of slavers in the Great Kingdom known as the Grindsmen. When the party attacked, and decimated that band, Calvin became their prisoner. In exchange for his freedom, he agreed to become a follower of the elven archer Alton.

For months afterward, he was wildly unstable as he tried to find his path in life. After the Great Fire of Innspa, when a quarter of the city burned because of a fire accidentally started by Alton, he broke from his former master. When the party took refuge in the village of Elversford (in the Great Kingdom's Adri Forest), he converted to St. Cuthbert's faith.

He adventured with his liberators and friends for nearly two years before he was critically wounded early C.Y. 587. He had been adventuring in sunken, sahaugin infested temple of Tharizdun when his arm was ripped off by a giant eel. Fortunately he was wearing a ring of regeneration and was able to regrow the arm.

When he recovered, he decided to stop adventuring and turn his attentions to a pet project: his congregation in Obsidian Bay's wretched Mudsitters' District.

With some of his own funds and those of the Blackrazor's Fulgar, he established an orphanage known as the Caring Cudgel. Although his charisma is notoriously non-existent, his steady pouring of funds into the district has earned him a hundred-person congregation.

He rejoined his friends in the Blackrazor Guild occasionally to provide what moral guidance he can on their various adventures. He loved his friends dearly, but they could be such a chaotic lot.

Unfortunately his friendship with the guild -- and an episode in which he embarrassed the rouge Gaiseric -- proved to be his undoing. Gaiseric had long had Calvin on his "enemy list" of people whom he would one day seek revenge against for an episode in which the rouge tried to ambush Calvin, and failed badly. When a shadow demon possessed Gaiseric, it immediately began killing people on Scrappy's list, starting with Calvin.

His widow, [[Clara Cloudmore], now oversees the orphanage and church he founded.


  • Blackrazor Guild: Obsidian Bay's premiere guild for chaos, accidental destruction, and inadvertant heroism.
  • Church of St. Cuthbert, Obsidian Bay: The Church of St. Cuthbert’s pragmatic, no nonsense approach has a strong following in the city's poorer districts, (much to the annoyance the more chaotic faiths).
  • The Grindsmen: A band of mercenaries operating out of Bellport in Northern Aerdy.


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