Donnabella Fiasco

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Human female, Acolyte of Wee Jas, known for her unicorn mask.


Donnabella is an acolyte of Wee Jas serving at the Spire of the Ruby Sorceress in the city of Seltaren. She is a quiet girl who tends to keep to herself, until you get her talking about things of a magical nature. In fact, she's known for her paper mâché mask in the likeness of a unicorn she is normally seen with.

In looking for more magical powers, she recently tried out and became a Redshirt with the Blackrazor Guild



  • Donnabella Fiasco is adapted from the character of the same name detailed in the D&D Essentials Kit. Her stats utilize the Spellcaster block found on page 63 of the D&D Essentials Kit Rulebook.

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