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The Blackrazor Guildhall is a haphazard collection of buildings, some recently built, some currently under renovation.

Site Overview

The Blackrazor Guild Hall is a haphazard collection of buildings, some recently built, some currently under renovation.

The original guild hall is a large, squat, single-story building comprised of a common area for food and drink, a flop room for the "redshirt" recruits, a "library" of sorts, an officer's lounge and several rooms assigned to senior guild members.

There is a multi-story tower attached to this building which contains the guildmaster's residence, study and library.

Located near the building is the guild's notorious outhouse, which allegedly makes use of a bag of devouring for waste disposal (and which claims at least one raw recruit a year). There are also recently-renovated horse stables, a fletchers workshop, and an armory.

A cleared stone slab is all that remains of the Blackrazor Manor house, which was built by the corrupted version of the guild that ruled during the Scarlet Brotherhood's occupation and subsequently destroyed when demons conquered the city (released from the Blackrazor's basement, which reportedly can be found beneath the slab -- two facts known to few outside of the guild)

At any given time, nearly 80 Blackrazors can be found at the compound, either engaged in guild work, waiting for jobs, or drinking themselves unconscious.


  • Blackrazor Guild: Obsidian Bay's premiere guild for chaos, accidental destruction, and inadvertent heroism.

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