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Also known as the Dwarven Campaign, this campaign revolves around the dwarven fortress of Khelez-Mar in the Drachensgrab Mountains of The Pomarj. The fortress was liberated by the Blackrazor Guild, and a number of its dwarven contingent -- since retired from the guild -- now reside here.

Current Status

With the first story arc complete, the campaign has been placed on hiatus.

Cast of Characters

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Character Creation


A few years ago a group of adventurers re-discovered the dwarven stronghold Khelez-Mar in the Drachensgrab Mountains. Since then the dwarves have moved back, and the stronghold thrives once more. However, tensions between the nearby Domain of Obsidian Bay and the Orcish Empire of Turrosh Makhave been building towards war.

It is only a matter of time before Khelez-Mar is found, and though they are strong in their Halls, a concerted effort by Mak would at the least cut off a vital supplier of war material to Obsidian Bay, and possibly overrun the stronghold again. The dwarves of Khelez-Mar are therefore seeking allies who can thin the number of orcs in the Drachensgrabs, and aid with the defense of their home.

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