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Luc Krolnochack is a former Blackrazor and was one of their most powerful warriors. He now resides in Khelez-Mar.


Luc, Son of Duerim, Son of Guldrick, Son of Harkral, Son of Glorent of Clan Krolnochack, relocated from the Principality of Ulek to the human city of Obsidian Bay sometime in CY 585. Disillusioned after the Principality failed to drive out the Orcish forces of Turrosh Mak who conquered half of the their country, Luc headed east to find longtime friends of his clan, the family of Delven.

In Obsidian Bay, Luc temporarily laid down his axe to concentrate on his crafts, especially Stone Masonry and Architecture. Luc honed his skills over the next two years with Delven, but the hammers did not satisfy Luc's hands, not the way his axes did. Though Luc primarily reveres the great dwarven god Moradin (as does all of his clan), it was Clangeddin Silverbeard who was calling to his heart again.

In CY 587, Luc was presented with the opportunity to again take up his axes. Delven and Sons was contracted to build an imposing wall around the guild complex of the notorious Blackrazor Guild. It was a simple project initially, though the ever chaotic guild soon frustrated the dwarves with bizzare requests to make their wall more difficult to breach. Delven was able to prevent most of the crazy requests and finally the wall was done.

Afterwards the Blackrazors celebrated with a huge drunken revelry in their compound. After two days straight of drinking with the big barbarian Ragnar Blackmane, Luc finally succumbed to the effects of the alcohol and passed out. When he awoke several hours later, he found he was 50 gold pieces poorer, although he did have a fancy new black enamel brooch. Thus began his tempestuous association with the unrestrained band of wandering mayhem known disarmingly as the Blackrazor Guild.

Luc served with the Blackrazors for the next three years, participating in many of their most notorious adventures, including several expeditions into the Obsidian Maze, fighting with the expeditionary forces of Obsidian Bay who faced the army of Turrosh Mak, rooting out the ghouls and the lich of Brantis Hold (Hmm, that's a lot of Ghouls...) fighting the demons who escaped the portals in the Blackrazor's basement, delving into Castle Greyhawk and campaigning against the Giants in Geoff.

Through it all, Luc proved himself to be a deadly effective warrior whose refusal to give in to overwhelming odds often tipped the balance to victory.

Luc also found himself the lynchpin of a small group of fellows within the Blackrazors. Luc, Sven Kildare, D'klar Ironforge, and Moraim constantly served as a counterbalance to their guildmates chaos, especially when that chaos threatened to overwhelm the inadvertent do-gooders.

Sometime later, two unrelated events caused these four powerful members of the Blackrazors to sell all of their shares and leave the guild for good.

The first was the re-emergence of Malphas and his subsequent re-election to the post of guild leader. The second was the timely invitation of the dwarves of Khelez-Mar to join their newly reclaimed stronghold. Luc didn't give the matter a second thought. As soon as the sale of his last share was complete, Luc took off his enamel Blackrazor Badge, put it down on Malphas' desk and strode out of the guild complex, never to return.

Luc has relocated to Khelez-Mar where his expertise is put to good use rebuilding their crumbling defenses. Though Luc does not maintain any direct ties to the Blackrazors, he has agreed several times to join expeditions in progress, lending his axes to the good fight.