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Welcome to the GriffWiki, the official reference wiki for the Blackrazor Guild Gaming Group. Celebrating over 20 years of gaming!


Current Campaigns


Saltmarsh Campaign

Set in CY 570, this campaign details the adventures of the crew of Gimble's Folly from the town of Saltmarsh.

Heart of Darkness Campaign

The first full 5E campaign jumps ahead in Greyhawk's timeline to CY 650.

Seltaren Campaign

A campaign run by Hardcorhobbs' and the Blackrazor reserves; Set in CY 592 in the corrupt city of Seltaren, a new group of Blackrazor Redshirts are about to discover just what it means to wear the guild colors.

Secondary Campaigns

Things run for other groups, for when we need a break from the main games, or just need something else to pick-up, here's what we turn to:

  • The Borderlands Campaign: This is our "D&D Kids" campaign in which we're playing through B2 Keep on the Borderlands with several of our kids, all age 10. It uses the D&D 5E rules, takes place in CY 566, and is in the Yeomanry.
  • Tales from the Tower: After successfully testing out level 15 play, the group is ready to bring back some old characters to tie up some outstanding story-lines. This pulls in characters from decades of playing so that everyone can share in a few new tales.

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