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The nickname given to the lowliest members of the Blackrazor Guild.


The infamous redshirt tunic.

All new recruits to the Blackrazor Guild are given two things: a longsword and a red tunic bearing the guild's crest. And so the lowliest members of the guild have become to be known simply as "Redshirts". Many of the guild's numerous membership never make it beyond this stage due to an early demise. However a few, notably those who survived the Temple of Elemental Evil, have survived all expectations and are elevated beyond this status.


Redshirts promoted through the ranks to full guild members:

  • Korem Luskur, Chosen Blade of Kelanen
  • Merwyn, sword-mage, alchemist, and scroll maker
  • Melchior Guilfoyle, Half-elf (High-elf/Baklunish) Bard/Virtuoso
  • Pragith,
  • Roscoe Twigsnapper, Master of the Eldrich Arts, Magi-Without-Peer, Invitee into the Circle of Eight (turned them down, I did), manly deflowerer of the fair Lavina Leafgallow, and all around Halfling of Especial Magnificence.

Notable Redshirts

Former Redshirts



  • Redshirts can be found in all of the guild's holdings... and in any nearby seedy bars.


  • No statblocks are available for this organization.

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