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AKA "Rex"

A Mercenary who ran into the Blackrazor Guild during their delve into Maure Castle, who ended up joining the guild. He used the riches gained there to go into business with Ian, founding a new bar called Malcanthet's Den. There he can be found acting as the head bouncer.



"Rex" is originally from the Bandit Kingdoms. There he quickly learned the toughest stay on top. By the time he reached his teens, he was a better fighter than most militia with 10 times more experience. Jarim, a mercenary passing through his village noticed his skills in a fight. The two saw value in each others company, Jarim noting the money this boy would bring him, and Rex a way out of the Bandit Kingdoms.

For years the two fought together, Jarim teaching Rex more about fighting and strategy. The two fought all over Oerth, until Jarim was too old to fight any longer. So Rex moved on to continue his career. While Rex is an exceptional fighter, and has a head for tactics, he's never been one to hold onto coin. He likes to party in the cities, and thus fuels his need for more mercenary work to pay the bills.

Maure Castle

One of his later jobs brought him to the infamous Maure Castle. This was not a challenge Rex and his group, now known only as The Doomed Expedition ready to face. In the depths the expedition was scattered, leaving many of them to make their own way out. Fortunately they ran into the Blackrazor Guild's expedition, who gladly included the extra hands in their explorations.

Rex was quickly talked into joining the Guild by Ian. The two became close acquaintances, and used their riches to found a new bar called Malcanthet's Den. Rex spends much of his downtime from adventuring acting as the head bouncer for the Den.

Further exploits



War with Turrosh Mak



  • Malcanthet's Den: A den of sex and alcohol located in the Adventurers Quarter of Obsidian Bay.


  • No statblock is available for this character

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