Obsidian Frontier Campaign

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Obsidian Bay circa Ready'reat CY 515


The year is CY 516, and the small settlement of Griffins Landing is growing faster than its leaders can handle. In fact, despite their best efforts the name of the settlement has changed among the populace to Obsidian Bay. The growth is in large part thanks to the discovery of the Obsidian Maze, a labyrinth which has the potential for untold riches. Now a simple mission to tame the wild lands of the Poor March has become over run with adventurers, mercenaries, and merchants seeking their cut of the treasure.

Among those drawn to the settlement are several young adventurers, including a familiar face, who are about to write a new chapter in the tales of Obsidian Bay.

Current Status

The campaign is active.

Cast of Characters



Lost in the Feywild

Gone Evil

  • "General" Kor (NPC), a once down on his luck human fighter, who received an artifact that turned him evil. Founded and rules over the Wyvern Empire.


  • There are currently no dead characters.

Character Creation

New characters should be of appropriate level (as indicated by the DM), built using the 5E standard point buy, and use the standard starting gold and equipment as layed out in the 5E rulebook.

Characters starting at higher level should use the "standard campaign" column in the "Starting Equipment" table on DMG p. 38