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Formerly of the Grindsmen, now the Blackrazors weaponmaster.


Tempest is a ruthless mercenary who serves loyally ... for a price.

A native of Bellport in Northern Aerdy, he served a dozen different masters there, usually as a henchman tasked with tracking down and subduing runaway slaves.

His last job before joining the Blackrazors was serving in the mercenary band known as the Grindsmen. The Grindsmen had originally been slavers running their human cargo between Bellport and Eastfair, but their operations were smashed by the proto-Blackrazors.

After that devastating loss, the group reformed as a mercenary band with the ultimate goal of getting revenge against the Blackrazors (as well as the not-insignificant bounty on their heads for the burning of Innspa).

Unfortunately for the Grindsmen, the Blackrazors were able to track them in Northern Aerdy, and launch a preemptive strike. That strike slew half the band, captured Tempest, and sent the survivors running into the surrounding woods.

Recognizing Tempest's talent with the whip, and having recently lost their own weaponmaster, the Blackrazors decided to spare the lashers life. Instead, they demanded that he serve them for one year as their weaponmaster, a job he accepted without question.

He has proved himself loyal to his new employers and ended up serving two years with the guild. He left after the second year, replaced by the brutal warrior STOMP.


  • Blackrazor Guild: Obsidian Bay's premiere guild for chaos, accidental destruction, and inadvertent heroism.


  • No statblock is available for this character

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