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This timeline summarizes events that have taken place in the Dark City Campaign. It includes hero, city, domain and even world events where appropriate. Where possible, references to specific sagas are included. For a complete list of Dark City adventures, check out the saga page

Goodmonth CY 591

Goodmonth 25

  • A half-dozen strangers arrive in Obsidian Bay, each seeking their own path to adventure. [1]

Goodmonth 26

Goodmonth 27

  • The long-lost Sidewinder Pass is rediscovered by the Dark City heroes, who launch an expedition to explore it. [3]

Goodmonth 28

  • Sidewinder Pass expedition ends prematurely. [4]

Harvester CY 591

Harvester 1

  • Prug is attacked and nealy killed by a group of enforcers known only as the Breakers. [5]
  • News reaches Obsidian Bay of mutant crustations known as "lobstrocities" attacking the coastal community of Coral Cove. [5]

Harvester 4

  • Prug and his allies confront the Breakers. They spring an ambush, then capture the Breaker known as Tornelious Mudd, who was the leader of this particular group (known as "The Mudd Squad"). He confesses he is part of a larger Breaker gang led by a man named Terminus. [6]

Harvester 5

Harvester 7

  • On their way back from Coral Cove, the heroes investigate the doomed merchant vessel, The Emperor of the Waves.[8]

Harvester 9

  • Riots breakout in Obsidian Bay over the city guard's inability to put down a resurgent Rusty Axes Gang, which has been murdering poor people throughout the city's districts.[9]
  • The Dark City Heroes once again fight the Rusty Axes Gang, this time defeating their leader.[9]

Harvester 11

  • Tells tales of a fire-breathing monkey in the High Quarter, as well as a 20-foot plum tree in the high quarter dropping purplish fruit spread throughout the ciy.[10]

Harvester 15-21

  • A terrifying pumpkin man haunts Darkdweomer End while evil extraplanar entities hunt the nighttime streets for victims. [11]

Harvester 19

  • Absalom heads to the Library, where he uncover a journal written by Khorora Seabeard, a sage who spent years researching the aquatic elves of the Azure Sea. In it, he discusses an ancient legend about a demon named Ylerys. [12]

Harvester 22

  • A mage polymorphed into a monkey by the practical joking Cartographers causes chaos in the Strange Quarter with a rod of wonder. [13]

Harvester 23

Harvester 24

  • Wind and Vargas join the Temple of the Earth Dragon in an attempt to learn more about the cult and its connection to the tentacled child.[15]
  • Tentacled child is abducted by forces unknown.
  • Sir Erogin Wardare leads a contingent of Knights of the Fist into the orcish land to fight the Bloody Eye Clan in the Foothills of the Drachensgrabs.

Harvester 25

  • Messengers Guild Ordo pressures independent contractors to fold or join the guild. Persuaders Guild hired to do some of the work.[16]
  • Earth Dragons take to streets, claiming Pelorites worked with Wizards Guild to steal child.[15]
  • Absalom tells Dark City adventurers about the Cult of Ylerys, an aquatic demon believed imprisoned in the Azure Sea.[15]
  • Led by Absalom, the heroes investigate a poisoned well in the Mudsitter's District. They are attacted by strange mutant creatures who use a previously unknown form of magic during the assault.[15]


  • A large whirlpool appears off The Docks. Curiously, it only lasts a few minutes, and does no apparent damage.[17]

Harvester 26

  • Wind and Salsar attempt to "persuade" Ordo, the leader of the Messengers Guild. Unimpressed, the guildmaster and his ogre bodyguard kill the interlopers. Their tongues are nailed to the door of the Dagger Down Tavern; their heads were delivered to Persuaders Guild leader Wulfstan Turoc, who promptly fled the city with the surviving guild members.[16]
  • Investigation of the poisoned well by the Church of Pelor reveals it can be purified using the tongue of a naga.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag

Harvester 28

  • Gruffud and Thom investigate reports of gnomes who badly beaten up investigating the UnderOerth in their quest to find a naga tongue to cure the poisoned well in the Mudsitters District. They learn that a naga is believed to live in an old kobold lair south of the city, in a stretch of the UnderOerth known as The Great Southern Arc.[16]

Brewfest, CY 591

Brewfest 1

  • Fueled by Brewfest ale, drunken revelers turn violent, torching a Wharf District building and protesting against the "Common Draft" for the army. Lodging is tight; nightly lodging and food cost increased by 25%.

Brewfest 2

Brewfest 3


Brewfest 4

  • Brauenmarkt (potion market) held at Guild of Wizardry Compound
  • Rauford/Hawkmas duel fought at Drake Lake Pier.
  • A chimera attacks the Domain town of Darson's Culvert. [18]

Brewfest 5

  • Sir Krovacar Fawkes arrives in Darson's Culvert to hunt and fight the chimera. He subsequently joins the Naga Expedition, which passes through down and helps fight the monster. [18]

Brewfest 7


  • Band of acrobat-thieves reported operating among rooftops in Obsidian Bay.
  • Corin Trithereonite vigilantism is allegedly on the rise in reaction to a mini-crime wave sparked by distracted city guard
  • Brewfest Massacre at Blackrock Village on inner frontier of the Domain of Obsidian Bay; 70 people killed.

Patchwall, CY 591

Patchwall 1


  • Captain of the Earth Dragon's Temple Guard murdered by unknown individual.
  • A tentacled monster appears near the docks. Before the navy can fully rally to fight off the beast, it returns to whence it came.[17]

Patchwall 3

  • Naga Expedition arrives at the Southern Arc.[19]


Patchwall 4

  • The Naga is slain in the kobold lair, and her tongue is taken as a cure for the poisoned well in the Mudsitters District.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag
  • Green Griffon Inn announces Skyborn Racing (giant eagles, wyvrens, etc.) starting on the 14th.

Patchwall 9

  • Strange abberation seen in the sewers beneath the Strange Quarter. Corash and Calarindel investigate and discover a tentacled horror and a strange otherwordly portal. They fend off the creature, and return to the streets above.[20]


  • One member of the "Flying Aces" acrobat-thieves caught after falling from High Quarter roof and breaking leg.

Patchwall 10

  • Bounty offered for heads of Bleeding Eye Tribe orcs who have been attacking towns on the northern frontier of Obsidian Bay's domain. A team of heroes decided to take the bounty, including Corash, Thom Silverbow, Sir Krovacar Fawkes and Gerran, a wandering priest of Fharlanghn. [21]

Patchwall 11

  • Sir Fawkes acquires two would-be squires, Broden the Quick and Kosen the Fat, who followed him out of the city when he left to investigate the attacks by the Bleeding Eye Tribe. [22]


  • Yellow Sails pirates take an Obsidian Bay trader sailing for Gradsul.
  • Prospectors have several new iron mining sites in the Drachensgrabs near Brantis Hold. Unfortunately they were attacked by strange ghouls in the hills on their way out.

Patchwall 12

  • Twoham is attacked by Bloody Eye orcs, but the Dark City heroes repel them. [22]

Patchwall 13


  • Fallen "Flying Axe" placed in public stock.
  • Independent messengers start banding together to resist guild. Couriers Association forms; street fights start breaking out between factions.

Patchwall 14


  • Skyborn Racing sponsored by Green Griffin Inn begins; runs through Patchwall.
  • Sahuagin are raiding ships again, not far from the old sunken Tharizdun temple.

Patchwall 15

  • The Bloody Eye raiders are defeated, and Sir Erogin Wardare is freed of his posession by an insane elven ghost.[23]
  • A new well is found contaminated, this time just outside the city. Called "The Black Scour Taint", it seems to have little to do with the mutant cultists of Ylergs though.


  • Copper shipment arrives from Mogelsville. Prices down 10%.

Patchwall 16

Patchwall 17

  • A second group of adventures is dispatched to find the first. They are comprised of Ferdiad, Zilanderan and Garth, who find the original party.[25]


  • Giant centipedes proving to be a surprisingly popular meal at the Stone Goblin Inn.

Patchwall 18


  • Invincibles Guild leads attack on Grummush's Spear, 300 orcs killed, badly injuring and killing several guild members.

Patchwall 21


  • Herald of the Drowned Demon begins prophesying his emergence from beneath the waves

Patchwall 23


  • Word is Inn of the Black Hart needs a supply of venison laid in for the winter; the owner (and primary hunter) was killed by a boar; his widow needs help.

Patchwall 24

  • The Black Scour Taint is cured.[25]

Patchwall 25


  • Captain Guilard and the crew of the Leaky Leaper fight off a monstrous lobster. They retain a claw they cut off in the process. The ship then returns to Obsidian Bay for repairs.[26]

Ready'reat CY 591

Ready'reat 2


Ready'reat 3


  • A ship with yellow sails comes into The Docks. The city shuts down the docks for the better part of a day. Turns out the ship was under an the guise of an illusion. Thought to be a poor joke by the Cartographers.[17]


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