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Guild Members


  • Falgar: Mage of mixed reputation, Blackrazor Guild Second Founder.
  • Malphas von Malaclypse: Guildmaster of the Blackrazors. As a follower of Ralishaz Malphas is perhaps the most chaotic of the Blackrazors, however beneath his erratic whims, he always remains cold and calculating.
  • Ragnar Blackmane, His Most High Reverend Lordship: He hits hard

Active Roster

  • Alaric, The Paladin of Heironeous: Alaric, once a herald in noble service, soon found his true calling and serves as a Paladin of Heironeous.
  • Alston Rexious: the sword for hire "Rex" was found wandering by the Blackrazor expedition to Maure Castle. After a few days adventure with the expedition, he was convinced to join the guild.
  • Baelen Norremitore, guardian of autumn, sacred to the moon: Baelen, has recently joined the Blackrazor Guild, having recently left the Court of Celene.
  • Baldwin, The Prestidigitator of the Pomarj: Baldwin, who strangely refers to himself in the 3rd person as "K'sograh the Mighty" has recently discovered the full extent of his powers and is one of the more effective Blackrazors.
  • Erilar: ranger extraordinare and long time Guild member.
  • Fonteyn Buckthorn, "The Hand": Fonteyn Buckthorn is a Lightfoot halfling from Obsidian Bay, and a member of the Blackrazor guild. His mix of arcane and roguish abilities have made him a useful member on recent adventures to places such as Maure Castle; well, useful for a Halfling at least.
  • Gaiseric "Scrappy", The Rapscallion of Greyhawk: Unaffectionately known within the Blakrazor guild as Scrappy, he is an accomplished thief held back only by his hideous luck.
  • Gnarth Binderstone: Gnarth is a gnome from Mogelsville who moved to the big city of Obsidian Bay after being "encouraged" to leave by his family.
  • Gideon Dwyfors, Baron: Gideon Dwyfors is a Geoffite who met and joined the Blackrazors during their adventures there against the invading Giants. He brings some rather odd magic-like powers to the guild.
  • Greggor O Vurd'on: blade dancer
  • Hogarth Middenfeldt: Tomb raider, dwarf friend.
  • Ian: Long time member. Now semi retired running his bar, Malcanthet's Den.
  • Jonas: the quick-bladed fighter.
  • Korem Luskur, Blade of Kelanen: Korem is a grim and taciturn follower of the Prince of Swords.
  • Merwyn, sword-mage, alchemist, and scroll maker
  • Melchior Guilfoyle: Melchior Guilfoyle is a member of one of the most recent bands of Blackrazor Redshirts. He and his fellows are currently away from the Domain adventuring, a fact that pleases many, including others in the guild and folks in Blue, especially.
  • Moraim: Moraim was a stout and reliable member of the Blackrazors guild, though heavily biased and concerned for dwarven affairs.
  • Mugwort: Mugwort is the adventuring companion/ bodyguard of Greggor O Vurd'on. He is known to have ties to FOTHMA, and the Strongarm guild.
  • Ramstein of Clan Lortvald:
  • Smithroy Smithers: Smithroy is Malphas's seneschal and in charge of most of MEI's day to day operations. What he lacks in personality he makes up for in loyalty and effectivness.
  • Tanevir Calywyn, Field General, Lord Warden of Mormaeglindor: Elevated to the rank of Field General in the Obsidian Bay Army, Tanevir will command a contingent of forces consisting of mainly adventuring guild members from the city. A former Guildmaster of the Blackrazors, Tanevir devoted much of his time to arcane research and furthering his interests in the Lortmil Mountains before assuming his current post.
  • Vasar: Vasar is the Blackrazor Guild's most powerful summoner. He's also it's only one.

Support Members

  • Amadeus Aslaz: Amadeous a priest of Zilchus and the Blackrazor Guild's financial advisor.
  • Anders: A trusted hireling of the Blackrazor Guild, Anders has command of the Blackrazor Brewery in Brewerton.
  • Brant Obermiester, Chief Blacksmith of the Blackrazor Guild: The blacksmith for the Blackrazor Guild's Obsidian Bay Guild Hall
  • Gambori: Gambori is a long-time member of the Blackrazor Guild and is one of its most respected junior members.
  • George Fillerman, Scribe of the Blackrazors: George Fillerman is the Blackrazor Guild's resident scribe and researcher.
  • Jakob Dworkin: the newly hired Master of Delvers.
  • Kincade Tierney, Blackrazor Brewmaster in Brewerton.
  • Mist Silvershroud: An elven ranger who serves the Blackrazors in Greyhawk.
  • Obert: Cleric of Heironeous, survivor of the Fall of Obsidian Bay.
  • STOMP: The latest Blackrazor weaponmaster.

Provisional Members


The nickname given to the lowliest members of the Blackrazor Guild comes from the red tunic bearing the guild's crest all provisional members are given.

  • See the Redshirts entry for more information.

Former Members

Alumni Roster

  • Demetry Hawkins: A cavalier who has moved on to greater things for the City of Obsidian Bay.
  • D'klar Ironforge: A stalwart priest of the dwarven god of war, D'klar is driven by dream to see the Pomarj cleansed of the humanoid menace.
  • Gef Ironhold: The Blackrazor Guild's former weaponmaster.
  • Kalib Ironfist: Kalib Ironfist had left the Blackrazor Guild some time ago, reputedly over his longtime opponent Malphas' ressurection and ascention to Guild Leader.
  • Sven Kildare: Terramancer curmudgeon.
  • Luc Krolnochack: Dwarven fighter and stonemason.


Four Wizards of the Blackrazor Guild

The Four Wizards of the Blackrazor Guild were part of the original founding of the guild. They even helped to recover the sword. However they disagreed with Brant's quest to go after the mighty wyrm Woryx. When he came back defeated and alone, the wizards left the guild.


  • Alton: An elven expert bowman formerly of the Blackrazor Guild. Now dead.
  • Brt: A surly gnome of evil disposition who used to talk to rats and other vermin.
  • Brant Bladescream: The founder of the guild, now deceased after being kidnapped and killed by the Cult of Death Undying in the Obsidian Maze.
  • Calvin Cloudmore: Billet of St. Cuthbert: A slaver-turned-billet of St. Cuthbert, Cal is a long-time member of the Blackrazor Guild.
  • Damocles Everton: Former Guildmaster, Deceased: Damocles was master of the Blackrazor Guild from CY 586-587. He was also a traitor, and died during the Fall of Obsidian Bay.
  • Killian "The Red" O'Brien: Part of the guild's "second founding", Killian was a long time member of the guild who died in the fight against his arch-rival Weri.
  • Silas Dunharrow: An educated adventuring explorer who joined the guild (then died) during it's delve into Maure Castle.
  • Simon: Simon was a promising henchman of the Blackrazor Guild shortly after the second founding. He was killed in the Obsidian Maze.
  • Squire Eric: The deceased paladin were-wolf.
  • Terrek Redknife: barbarian
  • Zoot: a sorcerer of some renown who was only with the guild a short time before his demise.


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